Eagles - Eagles' burning question: Defense ready to soar again? (SportingNews.com)

I say yes! stewart bradley gets a starting spot to show what he can do and omar gaither moves to his more familiar position outside, Brian dawkins hopefully has some tread on the tires as he teaches the younger guys
It will be another struggling season for the Eagles. I am guessing 9-7. Kolb may see some action late in the season. When they play Dallas McNabb will throw to his favorite receiver Roy Williams on Dallas at least once for a pick that hopefully will go for a TD. They need some quality backup for Westbrook is what they really need.

the cowboys fans are all out from under the furniture as they're good again.

you never hear a peep when they're 6 and 10

rukkus, i dont know why they wont go for a reciever,the company line is that they don't value the position worthy of a number one pick.

rumor has it after june 1, ocho cinco is coming for lito and a pick or picks