Football Chargers? burning question: How do they get past the Pats?

The Bolts own the conference’s No. 3 team, the Indianapolis Colts

Right after I read that I stopped reading. Anyways, the Chargers whether they admit it or not do not have a quarterback. That is the missing piece.
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, sorry mooche, there is a lot more to qb than superior arm strength when rating him.... and like it or not.... rivers is a REAL leader. Something every qb needs to be successful.... because without being a great leader, your just another ryan leaf.

still, no way the chargers beat the pats.
Sorry Marino. Rivers is not a leader. A leader doesn't shoot his mouth off like he does. A leader is someone who sets an example for the team, a guy who smack talks players and fans like he did against Indianapolis. That is not a leader. Like it or not.
everyone smack talks....... tom brady smack talks...... sidney crosby smack talks.... kobe, jordan.... they all run their mouths... are these guys not leaders? Peyton Manning smack talks.... you see it ALL the time. Ray lewis talks smack, you fight for your men all the time, no matter who or what the challenger is.