Donruss acquires rare GU Jersey ...


Bench Warmer
Officials at Donruss recently announced they signed Vince Young to appear on Donruss Playoff products during 2007. Officials have now confirmed that they have acquired what appeared to be the game-used equivalent to "nessie", a much talked about but never seen University of Texas game-used jersey of the former Longhorn.

After leading UT to it's first National Championship since 1970, Vince was selected 3rd in the draft by the Tennessee Titans. Young came within a game of leading the Tennessee Titans to the NFL Playoffs, making him a shoe-in for the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year Award.

"It took us a year to find this one, but we did it," said Donruss Playoff Marketing/PR Director Scott Prusha. "Our product development team continues to search out this unique materials and use them creatively in our programs to insure they have value."

A white Nike road jersey, Vince wore the never before seen gamer during the 2004-2005 season.
Vince joins an impressive list of Donruss spokesmen, including names such as Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Kurt Warner, Michael Vick and Tom Brady. Last year, Donruss used rookie Phenom, Reggie Bush, to appear on all of its packaging and advertisement.
Hope they use a pic of the Jersey intact on the back, Playoff's good about doing that on some releases. Any idea of what something like that costs them?
Anyone else seeing a triple college patch card of Mario Williams, Reggie Bush, and Vince Young coming out this year? Or maybe a Reggie Bush, Laurence Maroney, Joseph Addai, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler college jersey 6 patch card?

It looks like the jersey will first appear in 2007 Absolute.