DLP Redemption



How do you get them to exchange your redemption for a replacement and how long until you are able to ask them to do it?

I sent in a Gridiron Gear Robert Ferguson Auto (and maybe patch) in early January and since Ferguson sucks I want to try and get a replacement as quickly as possible to avoid getting the real card and maybe get a better player....


Bench Warmer
I think also DLP redemptions have a check box for 4 or 8 week replacement options, so if they don't have the card then they replace at your requested time frame.


Bench Warmer
pretty sure you can email them and ask for a replacement but they will for sure ask you for a copy of the redemption filled out before you sent it out


Bench Warmer
Hey man,I just had two cards replaced last week.Very easy to do.Called them up gave them my name.They looked up what redemps i was waiting for.I told the girl what i would prefer to get in replacement.Done,she said look for them in 1 to 2 weeks.Heres the # if ya still need it.

Phone 817-983-0203