Cool and interesting.....


Bench Warmer
I've been going through my commons and organizing them by team. Why can't they make cards like these anymore?!?!?!


maybe I'm alone but I love the clear cards and especially the 98 Absolute SSD.

This next one brought me back for a second to the glory day of the XFL but then check out the bottom three cards:

Pinnacle should be shot for the scaper thing. Yes I understand spacers but this one is "special" and inserted 1:167 packs. I remember this from when I was a kid because I pulled that spacer:mad:

Next, congratulations to Stadium Club for getting the greatest action shot ever. Nothing like not only getting laid out but having that memory last forever thanks to Topps.

Last, uhhhh Edge, your homies on the block might have something to say about style....

Just thought I'd share.
My all time favorite cards were the 2001 Pacific Invincible. I just really dug the design of those. And the hobby cards we're all numbered, and had a great mix of parallels, inserts and GUd.
Back in the day when some thought and attention was put into a set rather than just the major hit cards. Base set designs for the most part leave little to be desired nowadays...
Man those are nice ! That was when cards were cards and EVERYTHING in a box had some type of value. Is that Steve Tasker getting blown up ?