Baseball Complete! COLOR AUTOS! 2021/2022 Bowman Heritage 2 Box Group Break


5.00 star(s)
Some awesome color autos!!!

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Preordered a box of each, '21 Bowman Heritage and '22 Bowman Heritage. Boxes are in hand!
Here are the details...

2021 Bowman Heritage Baseball (team checklist here)​

2021 Bowman Heritage Baseball sends it back to the 90’s with another great throwback set pulling designs from the classic 1993 Bowman release! Collect a variety of Rookies, Superstars, and Prospects in the 250-card Base Set and look for Chrome Prospect and Chrome Autograph cards as well!

1 Autograph Card Per Box, 48 chrome prospects per box. 24 packs per box/10 cards per pack​

2022 Bowman Heritage Baseball (team checklist here)​

Take a trip back to 1994 Bowman with this 2022 release of Bowman Heritage, and look for a variety of stars, rookies, and prospects on the classic 94' design and chase a variety of chrome parallels and variations!

1 Chrome Autograph card per box. 24 packs per box/10 cards per pack​

Break consists of a box of each '21 and '22 Bowman Heritage. You will pick your first team and you'll get a second via reverse snake draft. Get exactly the team you want, and wait to redraft your second. ie >First pick gets the last draft spot, 15th pick gets the 1st draft pick (16th pick overall)
Spots are $30.00 per spot, paypal F&F. G&S please add 4.9%.

1) Red Sox, A's LarryG paid
2) Yankees, Blue Jays LarryG paid
3) Astros, Giants Therion
4) Marlins, Rangers Mcgwirenut paid
5) Orioles, Phillies Mcgwirenut paid
6) Pirates, Twins AndyDrummond paid
7) Cardinals, Braves AndyDrummond paid
8) Tigers, Diamondbacks Waltdii paid
9) Mariners, Padres mcgwirenut paid
10) Rockies, Guardians LarryG paid
11) Rays, Dodgers mcgwirenut paid
12) White Sox, Royals mcgwirenut paid
13) Reds, Cubs mcgwirenut paid
14) Mets, Nationals LarryG paid
15) Angels, Brewers LarryG paid

No Skunk break applies, but to both boxes. You would have to go card-less in both boxes. However you'll get $15 back in break credit if it does happen!
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Boxes are arriving 4/6. Note, I will be out of town from 4/7-4/10 so I will not be around to do breaks between those days.
Two spots left!
If you get the next two spots, please pick your third and fourth team as well to start the reverse snake!

AS an added bonus, If you pick the last two spots, it'll be $45.00... Save $$!
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