COMPLETE 2 Hobby Boxes 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum (PYT/Random Team Break)

Looks like majority rules
830 pm tonight eastern/530 pm for the west coast

Note, if you all have made trades please confirm with me so I can adjust them on the first post
Two other trades have been updated.
If anyone else has any I don’t have listed on post one, please let me know!
Well-done on the highlights video Zach. And not such a bad break. I think most of us got something we like.

@smithbrian524 - one of these days you'll get the Witt out of one of these packs!
Worked late both Monday and Tuesday, left the packages on my desk to mail, ended up not getting labels on them. Working from home Wed-Sat and won't be back to the office until Monday. Just a heads up they are running late... apologies on my part... 14 hr days kicked my butt