COMPLETE 2 Hobby Boxes 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum (PYT/Random Team Break)

@Criollos @bdink25 @mcgwirenut @Calsp3 @smithbrian524 @LarryG @AndyDrummond
I'm offering this to members in the group break that want the 15th spot, but not necessarily the Rays...
I'm allowing only those in the break to take the 15th spot, and get a random team instead of just being stuck with the Rays.
So I will random the 16 teams remaining and whoever gets the 15th spot will get the top team on the random and the bottom team on the random, so spots 1 and 16 on the random. Obviously you'll have a 2 in 16 chance of still getting the Rays.
Sounds like we've got a filled break!

I will do the random later this evening for everyone when I get home.

Sending out payment requests!