College Collecting Group mail from n05114


Bench Warmer
For those of you who do not know Jon, he is the Auburn collector in the CCG. This month, we were paired up and he hooked me up really well:cheers: If you are not in the CCG but would like to be part of it, please let me know and I'll send you details on what it's all about. Now time for scans...and keep in mind, these are just the highlights, Jon sent a ton more Alabama base, RCs, and vintage. Thanks alot man!

Sherman Williams auto #/1050, Freddie Milons auto #/1200, Jeremy Nunnley auto #/7750 (first auto of him I own:dance:)

Shaun Alexander Donruss Threads #/175, Ozzie Newsome Fan Favorites Chrome #/499

Roll Tide:salut: