CHF's Pack-O-Rama thread

And to open up this thread..

Pack 1: 2012 Topps Strata Retail "Hot pack".. Guaranteed a Die-cut..

#17 - Hakeem Nicks
#78 - Rueben Randle rc
#125 - Reggie Bush

And my Die-cut was Ryan Broyles (add pic, when I get that bit sorted out)

.. but me being me.. the best card was this.. Im sure most would agree though..

#150 - Andrew Luck! And the retail version is different from the hobby version. So thats cool, cause I'll never get this in a group break, seeing as no one does retail :)
Sounds like a nice pack.
Nice yeah I noticed the Hobby version of Strata was different (from a break here) when I tried to add my cards to Zistle, they only had had Retail version in their database at the time. I think the other has since been added since I posted a question in their newly redesigned forum asking "What is up with this"?
So, just got word that our friends have returned from San Fran, baring hobby packs for yours truly.. so, with that, lets get the second retail die cut hot pack out of the way shall we? Clear it up for hobby only from now on.. well hopefully lol

Strata retail, die cut "hot pack" #2

#9 - Quinton Coples
#65 - Harrison Smith
#88 - Jimmy Graham
#111 - Troy Polamalu

And the die cut

RDC-MF - Michael Floyd

An ok pack, not as good as the other one, cause that had a Luck in it lol
So!.. I got 10 packs yesterday.. 3 2012 UFC Bloodlines and 7 2012 Contenders Football.. I had given them a list of 6-7 products Id like packs from.. turns out, they only had Contenders football.. so.. yeah.. but at least its all hobby packs.. and naturally, I opened one of each..

2012 Contenders Football, 5 cards per pack.

#3 - Beanie Wells :) (Ive got several of this one from GBs but now Ive "pulled" one lol)
#37 - Jordy Nelson
#61 - Marques Colston
#94 - Vincent Jackson

And the insert was

Rookie Stallions #6 - Kendall Wright

Hopefully the other packs have something a bit more PC worthy other than a base card I can replace lol
The first UFC was way better.. except for the "hit".. doesnt really count as one imo


2012 UFC Bloodlines, 5 cards per pack/mini box

#20 - Vitor Belfort! First card I saw, so great start for me :)
#108 - Clay Guida

Flag base parallel #17 - Robbie Lawler /188 pretty cool, I like him

Bloodlines insert #BL-CC - Carlos Condit .. like him too..

And then the "hit".. really Topps?.. really?..

Commemorative Patriotic Patch #PP-YA - Yoshihiro Akiyama

Now, hes ok, hes a good fighter.. but the card.. it makes me go "why?".. if it was the flag of each fighters country, then I get it.. but a manufactured patch depicting something loosely related to the fighters country? Why? Ill get it scanned later so you all can see this lol

Really hope that wasnt the best of the three UFC packs lol