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Wanted to create a thread where we could all show off any 1/1 cards that we are lucky enough to pull. I know there are quite a few out there...so please feel free to post some pics here so we can all see and enjoy the awesome 1/1 serial numbered cards that are in our collections!
I pulled this 1/1 Pete Crow-Armstrong Printing Plate from a blaster box last year. I sold it to my local card store for $65 (the box was $20, so I thought it was a good ROI). Soon after he took off and all his cards went up. Found it a few weeks ago sold on eBay for $150 on a best offer.😡

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Great stuff friends! Cool thread, keep it going, love this stuff!!


HI Guys
Some how money and the issuance of 2006 Triple Threads can together and I bought a box. In the first mini box, I pulled a Bobby Cox 2/9 jersey, but first 1/1 was this Triple Thread Auto of Robinson Cano.
The second 1/1 of Ken Griffey is good, but Upper Deck like a 100 1/1s of all the Griffey American Hero.
I have pulled a punch of 1/1 out of Leaf products, but who hasn't. And, I have pulled a couple in my breaks, like an Isaac Paredes and Jarren Duran, But even with the PED, I think the Cano is the best.
Who knows, always a good chance to pull a 1/1 out of my Chronicles break, or at least, a hall of famer.
Thanks Bob
Thought add this about the worst 1/1 I ever pulled.
2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Black Materials #173 Albert Pujols Jsy
The jersey was a plain piece of white cloth, with an ugly stitching through it. I mean, why on a 1/1 card, would they put such an ugly swatch on a 1/1 card?
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