CHF's Entertainment extravaganza! All things non-sports!


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Hello! Come one, come all! Welcome to CHF's Entertainment thread. Anything and everything non-sports, I'll show off in here :)

So, that'll be movie/TV related cards, IP's, figures/statues.. and.. stuff!! Oh yeah.. stuff! Random stuff too! :D And if there's a story to the item, that'll be included at no extra cost! Add that to the already amazing price tag of zero bucks, and you're in for a treat :flapper:

Leonard Nimoy, actor, photograhper, director.

Best known for: The character Spock on the Original Star Trek series

Reason I wanted his auto: He's Spock!!! :D

Story: I met mr Nimoy in England in 2009. He's been an icon for me, for quite some time, so meeting him was out of this world incredible for me. When we got there, and stood in line.. I was full of expectation. When we got close, we learned that photos, item signing other than the photos, posing (and talking too it seemed) and all that wasn't allowed.. I was honestly, annoyed.. really annoyed. I didn't say it out loud, but inside I told myself "you don't meet a hero and not say anything". So, when it was my turn, I walked up, said hello. I got a nice hello in return, without mr Nimoy looking up. After he signed the picture I had chosen, I stuck out my hand and proudly said, "thank you, and it was amazing to meet you". He looked up, smiled, and said "you too".. That was such a huge moment for me, and I'll never forget it.
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. - Spock
Gosh, I love Star trek (Wrath of Khan)

GREAT auto/Pic and story to go along with it.... Love it.
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. - Spock
Gosh, I love Star trek (Wrath of Khan)

GREAT auto/Pic and story to go along with it.... Love it.
Thanks :) I absolutely adore the original series and the movies that crew made..
In the section next to mr Nimoy is where I got the next piece..


Avery Brooks. Actor and director.

Best known for: Portraing Benjamin Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)

Reason why I wanted his auto: Star trek nerd = me :D

In the section next to Nimoy was Avery Brooks, with no line at all :( Anyway, we picked out a picture and went up to his table. I said hi and shook his hand etc, but my fiancé is very shy. Avery noticed that, and said she should say hi too, he really calmed her down. He signed the pic, and we asked if we could snap a pic.. no prob.. well one. My fiancé was so nervous that she started recording a video instead of snapping a pic :LOL: and again Brooks calmed her down, and we got the pic.. that reminds me, I need to dig that pic out. A very cool dude, I must say..

Right next to him was the third guy I wanted an auto of.. John De Lancie..

Last of the Star Trek IPs..

John De Lancie, actor.

Best known for: portraying Q in Star Trek: Next Generation

Why I wanted his auto: Q is a cool character, and Im stil a nerd :p

Like I wrote in the Avery Brooks post, De Lancie was right next to Brooks.. he face was that of a man who was thinking to him self "what the heck am I doing here? Every one wants the other guys autos! Not mine :/ " .. well, I wanted his signature. Walked up, and Avery Brooks said hello again, everyone found it quite funny that we were the only ones for Brooks, went out, and came back. For some reason we weren't allowed to buy a pic of both and have them signed right after each other.. so, we had to buy and get the Brooks signed, turn around, go back out, get a de lancie pic, and walk downnon the other side of the devider lol.. anywho, I think it was their highlight on a dull day :)
Moving to actual cards on a trading card forum :LOL:

This is one of my fave cards, across sports, TV, movies, wrestling.. what ever..

Why I'd want one of her autos?.. well... She's gorgeous.. and so gorgeous.. and really gorgeous.. oh, and cute!.. and drop dead gorgeous too :p to put it short, she's a fave :D

Kristen Bell (as Veronica Mars) Inkworks auto
Wow.. on a site full of dudes, no reaction to a cute girl? :rolleyes:

Anywho, moving on then!

Chris Hemsworth Star Trek auto. He was captain Kirks father in the "new" movie. He's probably better known as Thor in the Marvel film and in the upcoming Avengers (which Im seeing in a week, cant flippin wait!)