Celtics got this thing wrapped up! Lakers Lose!


Bench Warmer
OMG Kobe Who? ya he was so MVP like, If they play like this for 4 games it will be a Sweep! I Expected more from the Mighty Lakers but dang it was pathetic!:eek:
was a game til the forth and when pearce came back on the court in the third the game shifted for the celtics pearce was the man tonight
You are a BRAVE man for predicting a sweep! :eek: :)

I still think the series is going to be close!
Remember Boston had home court advantage ;)

Kobe could still explode and win a couple of games for the Lakers.
Great hard fought game. Went down to the wire, so I'm not sure how anyone could say this will be a sweep. The Celtics simply did what they are supposed to do. Win at home.
Celtics in 4 is pretty laughable. All they did was what they were supposed to do. Win a game at home. Lets see if they get out of Boston up 2 games. Then lets see how it works for them in LA.
You've got to be kidding me!
Pathetic? I dont think that's the way to describe anyone who's in the finals right now.
Both teams played great and I think the reason Celtics won is because they knocked down shots when the Lakers couldn't do so in the 4th quarter.
Kobe did not knock down shots when the team needed to in the 4th quarter and nobody else in the Lakers stepped up, while the Celtics got their points in the foul line and in the 2nd chance pts where Lakers were horrible last night.
In the playoffs, I really miss Bynum who can def box out and protect rebounds.
Gasol and Odom are way too thin for Perkins and KG.
But I do expect Lakers to come back next game especially Kobe
BSC said:
I said it the other day ........Boston in 4 .........remember, you heard it here first

Your prediction is still there!
Before the series started, like any neutral fan I was just hoping for a legendary series that went to 7 games and triple overtime blah blah

Now I am hoping like hell that the Celtics are going to sweep the Lakers cos there is a sweepstakes draw at work for the finals.
Guess what I drawed... Celtics to win 4-0 :mad:

So come on boys sweep the Lakers :p