CBS is Possibly The Worst Sports News Site Ever


Bench Warmer
there might be one worse but where else could you find such a group of spineless bandwagoneers all in one place?

they had oklahoma outside of the top ten to start the season despite a consensus number 7 from both the ap and coaches polls

then they were generous enough to move us up to 6 after we destroyed north texas, and that was only because michigan left the rankings. how can you justify not shaking up your rankings a little after the first games have been played? if you dont your just basing your rankings on things happening off the field(and i know they dont go watch practices so its actually just heresay)

but now we are the third best team in the country according to them. thanks for nothing tool bags:salut:, now we get a little respect from you because everyone outside of california knows we deserve it. i would stop watching college football if they held sway over anything important

also it is fair to say that the coaches poll does have us at 5(behind wv and florida along with lsu and usc) but thats about where we have been with them all along, started at seven and have moved up little by little so i understand their point of view a little at least


unless someone gets me started on Dennis Dodd


Bench Warmer
i cant beleive that ass gets paid for what he types, gives me hope that i could do it some day, if i could keep the cursing to a minimum

sorry to say bud.....but I doubt any of us could......real college football fans have potty mouths......but the boards prevent us from using them (most of the time):roflmao: