Football Card case question

I just purchased a few of those UD Exquisite Booklet patch autos and I have some topps tripple threads booklets aswell... I really didnt mind with the TTT but these exquisite books are really fragile to chipping. Do they make a case to display these cards open yet?


They same seller probably will make them. Just give him an email

Triple Threads Booklet Case Foldout Book Standup Card - eBay (item 110477929057 end time Apr-05-10 22:28:37 PDT)

They are a little pricey but totally worth it. They come in 3 pieces the front and back then the middle spacer cuto to fit with nice open corners.



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I'd say so, at $20 a pop...but it's the only show in town...just glad someone started making a holder for those. i bet upper deck foldouts have a slight variant in some way and will take a different holder...thats how they do ya, you know lol.