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Catch Up Time again. Finishing off 2017. Including this post there will be 3 posts, 2 Nov and 1 Dec enjoy:
Mail Day Catch-Up November 2017 Part 1

Wed 01 Nov 2017:
PWE from Canada single card Sportlots auction $2.25 plus $2.30 shipping
1961 Post Baseball 99 Camilio Pascual Minneapolis Twins former Washington Senators. Doing a little research I have to look for more of these the Minneapolis cards were on the boxes and the Minnesota cards were the direct from the company perforated sheets. Great that means double checking what I already have, very little, and getting twice as many.

Sat 04 Nov 2017:
Package of 22 Fleer Baseball cards 1982 and '83 I bought from a member at TCDB. The grand total was $34.42 that included the $2.50 shipping. I know some of the cards I have or have had I'm not sure how many I had never had, but apparently they were in my want list at the database.
1982 Fleer Baseball:
141 Rollie Fingers Brewers
305 Jim Rice Red Sox
527 Ron Hodges Mets
528 Randy Jones Mets
531 Ed Lynch Mets
534 Dyar Miller Mets
543 Joel Youngblood Mets
553 Roger Erickson Twins
559 Pete Redfern Twins
561 Chuck Baker Twins
600 Randy Martz Cubs
604 Dick Tidrow Cubs
605 Jim Tracy Cubs
606 Mike Tyson Cubs
607 Ty Waller Cubs
618 Ken Macha Blue Jays
619 John Mayberry Blue Jays - miscut to right edge (back miscut to bottom)
626 Ernie Whitt Blue Jays
1983 Fleer Baseball:
70 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
179 Wade Boggs Red Sox
507 Ryne Sandberg Cubs
519 Rickey Henderson A's

Package from SCF Football Team Trader Larry the Chargers guy (secondary team Raiders). He sent 76 Cards all Redskins.

1991 Pro Line Portraits Football: 113 Andre Collins
2005 Fleer Ultra Football: 139 Laveranues Coles Jets in Redskins uniform
2006 Donruss Elite Football: 99 Mark Brunell
2006 Donruss Prestige Football: 148 Mark Brunell
2006 Fleer Ultra Football:
196 Santana Moss
197 Clinton Portis (2)
198 Chris Cooley
199 Ladell Betts (2)
200 Sean Tayloer (2)
2007 Donruss Rookie & Stars Football: 12 Clinton Portis
2007 Score Football: Select: 31 Sean Taylor
2007 Topps Football: 47 Mark Brunell
2007 Topps Total Football: 5 Sean Taylor
2007 Fleer Ultra Football: Gold 200 Santana Moss
2007 Upper Deck Football: 194 Sean Taylor
2008 Donruss Classics Football: Team Colors:TC-10 Devin Thomas
2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Football:
98 Jason Campbell
100 Chris Cooley (2)
2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes: 46 Jason Campbell
2008 Rookies & Stars Football: 100 Ladell Betts
2008 Score Football: Select: Young Stars: YS-24 LaRon Landry 726/999
2008 Donruss Threads Football:
147 Jason Campbell
Bronze: 14 Santana Moss 123/250
2008 Topps Football: 278 LaRon Landry
2008 Upper Deck Football:
195 Randell Godfrey
200 London Fletcher (2)
2009 Donruss Classics Football: 97 Chris Cooley
2009 Donruss Elite Football: 98 Clinton Portis
2009 Panini Prestige Football:
97 Jason Campbell (2)
100 Chris Cooley (2)
2009 Score Football: 299 Malcolm Kelly
2009 Topps Kickoff Football: 38 Chris Cooley
2009 Upper Deck NFL Draft Edition Football:191 Chris Cooley
2010 Score Football: 300 Santana Moss
2010 Topps Football:
3 Malcolm Kelly
84 Willie Parker (2)
87 Chris Cooley
146 Washington Redskins Team Card
302 Clinton Portis
327 London Fletcher (3)
335 LaRon Landry
350 Donovan McNabb (3)
433 Devin Thomas
2011 Panini Elite Football: Power Formulas: Gold: 8 Chris Cooley 042/999 Very cool ultimate serial number
2012 Topps Bowman Football: 47 Fred Davis
2012 Panini Elite Football: 100 Roy Helu Jr (2)
2012 Panini Rookie & Stars Football: Longevity:
65 Pierre Garcon
Greatest Hits: 18 Ryan Kerrigan
2013 Topps Bowman Football: 107 Brian Orakpo (2)
2013 Panini Prestige Football: 199 Brian Orakpo
2013 Score Football:
218 Fred Davis
219 Ryan Kerrigan
220 London Fletcher
2013 Topps Football:
342 Ryan Kerrigan
1000 Yard Club: 3 Alfred Morris
2014 Topps Chrome Football: 4 Jordan Reed
2014 Topps Football:
116 Washington Redskins Team Card
124 Leonard Hankerson
152 Pierre Garcon
291 Jordan Reed
2014 Topps Valor Football: 147 Jordan Reed
2015 Topps Bowman Football: 108 Alfred Morris

Mon 06 Nov 2017:
Package from a trade with Rodney a member at SCF I sent 12 Orioles (well 11 O's and 1 Nats) Autos and GUs and he sent 12 Nationals autos and GUs. One I already had and a second one I might have either the same one or another player from the same set.
2007 Topps Bowman's Best Baseball: Prospect Signature: BBP54 Chris Marrero on-sticker blue sharpie - This is one I think I already have one of.
2007 Topps Co-Signers Baseball: 104 Beltran Perez RC on-sticker blue sharpie
2007 Upper Deck Baseball: Star Signings: SS-CO Chad Cordero on-sticker blue sharpie
2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball: Destination Stardom Memorabilia: DS-RZ Ryan Zimmerman GU all white
2008 Upper Deck Baseball: Jersey: UDJ-RZ Ryan Zimmerman one swatch in the "D" of "UD" all red.
2009 Topps T206 Baseball: Mini Framed Autograph: NNO Luke Montz Piedmont back on-card blue sharpie - This one I already have one of. I bought it off of Ebay from Chris of Stale Gum blog fame.
2009 Upper Deck Baseball Signature Stars:139 Alberto Gonzalez on sticker blue sharpie
2012 Topps Bowman Chrome Baseball: BCP80 Matt Purke on-card blue sharpie - He looks like Tyler Clippard except he throws Left and Tyler throws Right.
2013 Topps Archives Baseball: 1960 Design: Game Used Memorabilia 60R-JZ Jordan Zimmermann all white swatch in/under baseball shaped cutout.
2013 Panini Prizm Baseball: TC Tyler Clippard on-sticker blue sharpie
2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball: Game Used Memorabilia: GQR-ID Ian Desmond all gray swatch
2014 Topps Baseball: Game Used Memorabilia:TR-SS Stephen Strasburg all red swatch.


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Mail Day Catch-Up November 2017 Part 2

Fri 10 Nov 2017:
Package 1:
Small package from SCF Football Team Traders Wayne the Bengals guy. He sent 20 cards evenly split 10 Rams/10 Redskins some in their college unis. I had to look up a couple of the guys up because they are/were recent drafts and I wasn't sure which team they were on. That is a big reason I hate the college cards they often don't mention the pro team they are drafted on because they make the cards FOR the Draft BEFORE it happens.

2013 Score Football: Hot Rookies: 31 Jawan Jamison Redskins
2015 Panini Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks Football: 223 Matt Jones RC Florida (Redskins)
2016 Panini Classics Football:
145 Legends Torry Holt Rams Glossy
Monday Night Heroes: 2 Marshall Faulk Rams
Record Breakers: 18 Eric Dickerson Rams
2016 Panini Donruss Football: All-Time Gridiron Kings: 12 Darrell Green Redskins
2016 Panini Contenders Football:
Collegiate Connections:
11 Kirk Cousins (Redskins) Levon Bell (Steelers) Michigan State
Game Day:
2 Jared Goff Univ CA Berkeley (Rams) (2)
7 Josh Doctson TCU (Redskins) (2)
20 Pharoh Cooper Univ SC (Rams)
26 Aaron Green TCU (Rams)
Season Ticket: 62 Kirk Cousins MIchigan State (Redskins)
Old School Colors: 24 Todd Gurley Georgia (Rams)
School Colors:
2 Jared Goff Univ CA Berkeley (Rams)
7 Josh Doctson TCU (Redskins)
2017 Panini Contenders Football: Collegiate Connections: 2 Billy Sims (Lions) Samaje Perine (Redskins) Oklahoma
2017 Panini Donruss Football:
224 Alec Ogletree Rams
Rated Rookie 306 Samaje Perine Redskins

Package 2: Med Bubble Mailer from SCF Team Trader Lori Panthers (Raiders secondary). 152 cards total: 52 Redskins, 85 Rams, 4 NFL Showdown, 11 Walking Dead.
1990 Pro Set Football: 163, 172
1990 Fleer 154
1994 Classic 4 Sport: 52, 65
1997 Upper Deck Collectors Chioce Football:271
2002 Rookies & Stars Football: 86, 87 (2), 88, 89(2), 98, 100
2006 Fleer Football: 121
2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Treads Football:RT-BL Brian Leonard Rams all white "RB" bottom part of "R" cutout damaged.
2011 Gridiron Gear Football: 203
2011 Prestige Football: 260
2012 Gridiron Football: 244
2012 Score Football: 334
2012 Strata Football: 112
2012 Topps Football: 89, 143, 222, 279, 357, 399
2013 Bowman Football: 121, 164
2013 Certified Football: 3 Red parallel all white relic #d 104/199
2013 Topps Chrome Football: 183
2013 Leaf Draft Football: 56, 68, 80, 84
2013 Hit Football: 124, 125
2013 Panini HRX Football: 2, 22
2013 Prizm Football: 204
2013 Topps Football: 27, 112, 353, 434
Future Legends: FL-TA
2014 Bowman Chrome Football: 99
2014 Elite Football: 89, 90, 91, 92, 98, 99, 100
2014 Hit Football: 67
2014 Prizm Football: 211
2014 Rookies & Stars Football: 137, 137 Longevity, 163, 167, 173, 194, 194 Longevity
2014 Strata Football: 151
2014 Topps Football: 158, 362, 417, 422, 440
2014 Topps Valor Football: 102, 142
2015 Gridiron Kings Football: 53, 60, 97
2015 Platinum Football: 63
2015 Prizm Football: 101, 109
2015 Topps Valor Football: 68, 91, 181
2016 Certified Football: 73
2016 Classics Football: 3(2), 13(2), 23(2), 28, 38, 48, 216, 225
2016 Contenders Draft Picks Football: Game Day: 35 School Colors: 20
2016 Donruss Football: 327
2016 Donruss Optic Football: 53, 98, 99
2016 Score Football: 323
2016 Unparalleled Football: 192
2017 Certified Football: 65
2017 Donruss Football: 36, 45, 161, 176, 224, 244, 288
2017 Leaf Draft Football: TD Machines: TD-14
2017 Elite Football: 22(2), 98
2017 Panini Football: 73(3), 74(3), 75(3), 80(5), 82(2), 83(4), 117, 120
2017 Score Football: 24, 38, 108, 312
2002/03 NFL Showdown: S08, S10, S12, S20

Bonus Cards (bookend package buffer cards) The Walking Dead Season 6: Number 10, 20, 24 -28, 31, 33, 34, 38

Mon 13 Nov 2017
3 Small packages or PWEs Sportlots Auctions Plus a small box.

Package 1: Auction 2 cards 25¢ each Shipping $3.00
1965 Topps Baseball:
193 Gaylord Perry Giants
380 Rocky Colavito Indians

Package 2: One card auction $1.25 plus $1.85 shipping
1963 Topps Baseball: 68 Friendly Foes Duke Snider Dodgers Gil Hodges Mets miscut at top
BONUS CARD: 2011 Topps Baseball: 492 A.J. Burnett Yankees

Package 3: One card auction 25¢ Shipping $2.00
1959 Topps Baseball: 89 Billy Gardner Orioles

Small Box: From SCF Football Traders Group Greg the Cowboys guy. He sent 152 Redskins and 21 Rams Total 173 cards. There are a lot of Terry Allen Redskins cards. I counted 66 and am tired. There were a few dozen of Stephen Alexander Redskins as well. I guess Highlights now including some of those Terry Allens:
1990 Pro Set Football: Super Bowl Collectible:17 Super Bowl XVII
1991 Enor Hall of Fame Football: 6 Cliff Battles Redskins
1994 Ted Williams Football: 64 George Allen Coach Redskins (already had it)
1995 Classic Games: Pro Line Classic Football: Pro Bowl: PB-30 Jerome Bettis Rams die cut (looks like a ticket the die cut bits are circles at the top and bottom edges).
1996 Experience Football: 13 Terry Allen Redskins textured like canvas.
1996 Topps Laser Football: 91 Terry Allen Redskins
1996 Contenders Playoffs Football: Banner:banner die-cut 9 Terry Allen Redskins
1996 Fleer Ultra Sensations Football:
87 Tony Banks Rams (Gold)
87 Tony Banks Rams (Blue)
88 Isaac Bruce Rams (Blue)
99 Terry Allen Redskins (Gold)
1997 Pacific Crown Royale Football: die cut crown shape 141 Jamie Asher Redskins
1997 Skybox EX2000 Football: 31 Terry Allen Redskins - slide like thing.
1998 Collectors Edge Football: Draft Pick: 200 Washington Redskins Team Set Title Card
1999 Upper Deck Victory Football:
216 St. Louis Rams Team Card Checklist
272 Washington Redskins Team Card Checklist
2000 Fleer Tradition Football: 114 Stephen Alexander Redskins
2004 Upper Deck SPX Football: 100 Lavar Arrington Redskins - In Anniversary Uniform with Arrow helmet.
2004 Fleer Tradition Football: 196 Lavar Arrington Redskins
2005 Topps Bazooka Football: Clear Cling Sticker: Redskins logo
2006 Topps Turkey Red Football: 246 Adam Archuleta Redskins
2015 Panini Gridiron Kings Football: Red Frame 88 Robert Quinn Rams

Mon 27 Nov 2017:
Package 1:
Sportlots Auctions 4 Cards each 25¢ Shipping $3.86
1958 Topps Baseball: 141 Ken Lehman Orioles
1959 Topps Baseball:
93 Julio Bequer Senators
428 Buc Hill Aces: Ron Kline, Bob Friend, Vern Law, Roy Face miscut at top
1965 Topps Baseball: Jim Stewart Cubs

Package 2: One card Sportlots Store $4.00 + 63¢ shipping
2015 Topps Archives Baseball: 1973 Design:WF-4 Will Ferrell Cubs

Tue 28 Nov 2017:
Sportlots Store 4 Cards Sub Total $5.54 + $1.25 shipping.
Two of these cards I won't mention I got them for a Secret Santa through the Card Blogs. I grabbed a copy of one of the cards for a Player PC of mine.
The 4th card is: 2015 Topps Archives Baseball: 1972 Design: WF-3 Will Ferrell Angels

Wed 29 Nov 2017:
One card Sportlots Store 18¢ + 63¢ shipping
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany:17 Chad Cordero Nationals

Thurs 30 Nov 2017:
Sportlots auctions 3 cards 1 seller: $3.50 shipping:
1963 Fleer Baseball: 4 Brooks Robinson Orioles $1.75
1965 Topps Baseball: 519 Bob Uecker Cardinals $5.50 - This card I've been trying to get for a while usually they start at well above the 5.5 bucks I got mine for. Sweet Deal
1969 Topps Baseball: 15 Boog Powell Orioles $1.00


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Mail Day Catch-Up December 2017

Mon 04 Dec 2017:
One Card Ebay BIN: 99¢ + $2.95 shipping
2002 Fleer Tradition Baseball: Update: Diamond Debuts: U8 of 15DD Kirk Saarloos Astros

Tues 05 Dec 2017:
One card in a "home made" PWE. That is a single piece of legal sized 8.5" x 14" sheet of paper folded a few times and taped on the edges. Minus a few points for pluralizing Silver Spring, MD but plus a few points for addressing it to"Capt. Kirk L. Andersen". This was an Ebay store purchase $9.99 + Free Shipping
2017 Topps Now Doctor Who 1 Jodie Whittaker The Thirteenth Doctor

Thurs 07 Dec 2017:
Got a small bubble mailer one card for the Secret Santa Bloggers package I need to send out.

Also one Magazine: Non-Sport Update Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 Vol 28 No 6 Star Wars Last Jedi Cover. Haven't open the plastic wrap yet one of the Bonus cards is supposed to be one of three 3 Stoges Cards. Not sure what other bonus cards are supposed to be included.

Tues 12 Dec 2017:
Magazine The Wrapper #310 1956 Davy Crockett Cover

Fri 15 Dec 2017:
PWE from Ebay Order: $6.39 Free Shipping.
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 259 Pedro Martinez Expos and Max Scherzer Nationals - Only franchise players with 10Ks in 5 straight starts.

Small Photo envelope from Trading Card Data Base member Chuck (C2Cigars). Envelope has nice Janis Joplin stamp. In a nice waxpaper wrapper he sent some TCDB Custom Member cards "2017 C2Cigars TCDB Business Card Canvas Trading Cards"
BC-00 Title & Checklist
BC-BK Billy Kingsley
BC-C2 C2Cigars
BC-CK CaptKirk42 (3)

Bonus Card: 1982 Fleer Baseball: 532 Mike Marshall Mets

Sat 16 Dec 2017:
Ebay Order $6.75 Free Shipping
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 479 Howie Kendrick Nationals Walk-off Grand Slam in 11th

Sportlots Store: $4.00 + $1.00 shipping envelope has a plain hockey player on stamp
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany340 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals

Medium Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail Box from SCF Football Team Trader Jamie the Texans guy. Yes it was a Medium Flat Rate Box filled with, mostly Rams cards plus 73 Redskins cards. The Rams cards were 90% of the cards in there. Most from the last 5-10 years. Many dupes Way way too many cards to list all even by the
numbers. There were two card boxes about 11 inches long (1100 count?) . Plus the rest of the box filled with cards in team bags. About 30 or so team bags. It is a ton of cards. There were even 3 misplaced cards two cards of guys in college uniforms one a Bill the other a Colt. Both those cards showed the team at least on the back of the card. I don't think either had ever been a Ram or Redskin, and then there was a misplaced baseball card of a Marlin.

Here a select few of the cards starting with a handful of Skins:
2014 Topps Finest Football: 32 DeSean Jackson
2013 Rookies & Stars Football: 99 Pierre Garcon
2015 Topps Valor Football: 9 Ryan Kerrigan
2013 Topps Magic Football: 216 Brandon Jenkins RC
2013 Topps Magic Football: Mini: 27 Alfred Morris

Now on to some of the Rams starting with some 70s-80s vintage:
1972 Topps Football: 62 Willie Ellison
1973 Topps Football:
14 Phil Olsen
152 Ken Iman
1974 Topps Football: 126 Tom Mack
1978 Topps Football:
283 Ron Jessie
435 Charley Young
479 Glen Walker
513 Rams Team Leaders: Rushing Lawrence McCutcheon Receiving Harold Jackson Interseptions Bill Simpson QB Sacks Jack Youngblood
1979 Topps Football:
209 Glen Walker
498 Billy Waddy
1980 Topps Football:
60 Dennis Harrah AP
120 Jim Youngblood AP
162 Preston Dennard
342 Bill Waddy (2)
423 Nolan Cromwell
465 Frank Corral
514 Cullen Bryant (2)
1981 Topps Football: 39 Rams Team Leaders: Rushing Cullen Bryant Receiving Billy Waddy Interceptions Nolan Cromwell QB Sacks Jack Youngblood
1983 Topps Football:
91 Mike Guman
96 Jack Youngblood
1985 Topps Football:
79 Eric Dickerson AP
83 Jeff Kemp
1988 Topps Football:
217 NFL Rushing Leaders: Eric Dickerson Colts Charles White Rams
297 Jerry Gray
1989 Topps Traded Football:
14T Flipper Anderson
89T Bill Hawkins
1990 Pro Set Football: (where most of these packages tend to start)
553 Michael Stewart
1990 Topps Football: 68 Flipper Anderson
2001 Topps Heritage Football: 1956 Topps Football Design:
24 Torry Holt
43 Kurt Warner
2002 Fleer Football: 70 Aeneas Williams
2006 Topps Heritage Football: 1952 Baseball Design: 134 Torry Holt
2012 Panini Crown Royale Football: Crown design but surprise not die-cut for some reason this year for the base they didn't die cut the crown design: 136 Steve Smith
2015 Panini Clear Vision Football: Rookie Revision: acetate cards
87 Kurt Warner
99 Eric Dickerson
1996 Collector's Edge Football: President's Reserve Air Force One: 29 Isaac Bruce 1836/2500 acetate card
2005 Topps Football: All-Time Favorites:Fearsome Foursome: Vintage Bowman Woodgrain border design like 1955 Bowman Baseball and 1966 Topps Football.
68 Merlin Olsen
58 Lamar Lundy
2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Football:
87 Merlin Olsen
89 Elroy Hirsch

Here are I think the top 3 cards duplicated in the huge batch. The first one maybe not quite a dozen, the second one at least a dozen actually there might some parallels a base version and a "first edition" version and the 3rd on over a dozen maybe up to 20.
2013 Panini Rookies & Stars Football: 6 Steven Jackson Falcons still in Rams Uniform
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Football: 131 Pisa Tinoisamoa - some of these might be the regular base version maybe not the First Edition. I didn't think about that and I'm too lazy to check back.
2013 Panini Score Football: 124 Dann Amendola Patriots shown in Rams Uniform

?Sunday 17 Dec 2017: Or was it really Saturday 16 Dec?: I Had a USPS flat rate envelope show up at my door on Sunday. I'm pretty sure it had been with a neighbor and they put it at my door. (on my blog in my "Strive for '65 Saturday" post I mentioned the story of last year with 2 packages I never got) I don't recall the USPS delivering on Sundays, but I heard a rumor during the holidays they would be doing that so maybe. Anyway it was a 4 "card" order from Sportlots. One of the cards was for the
Bloggers Secret Santa thing hosted by Matt at "Bob Walk The Plank". Shipping was only 85¢ Like I said on my blog I mentiond the 1965 Topps Baseball card.
1965 Topps Baseball: 295 Dick Radatz Red Sox $4.50
1978 Topps Football: 409 Roman Gabriel Rams 91¢ - This one I wasn't sure if I had or not, so I decided to get it anyway, even if it winds up being a dupe.
1997 Fleer Football: Million Dollar Moments "Contest" Card 37 Roman Gabriel 18¢

Mon 18 Dec 2017:
Sportlots Store 1 card 18¢ + 85¢ shipping
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany 18 Brad Wilkerson Nationals

Ebay Store 1 card $8.99 Free Shipping
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 322 Ryan Raburn Nationals - Walk-off breaks tie in 9th

Sportlots Store 2 cards both 25¢ + $1.25 shipping
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany
96 Livan Hernandez Nationals
308 Nick Johnson Nationals

Christmas Card envelope with real Christmas Card and trading card insert. From TCDB member Chuck (C2Cigars). Trading card again in waxpaper envelope/wrapper
2016 Panini Score Football: 324 Alfred Morris Redskins

Sat 23 Dec 2017:
Got my Blogger Secret Santa package (coordinated by Matt at "Bob Walk The Plank") from Tim of "I love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning" blog. He hit a multi-run Homer I'd say it was 3 runs. 38 cards at least one from each of the 4US sports food groups. I'll list in order of sport:

BASEBALL: 27 cards the bulk of the package 1 or 2 dupes 3 at the very most.
2008 Donruss Threads Baseball: 50 Frank Howard Washington (dupe)
2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball: 61 Gio Gonzalez Nationals (possible dupe)
2014 Bowman Baseball: 55 Ian Desmond Nationals Blue Parallel 074/500
2015 Topps Chrome Baseball: 56 Ian Desmond Nationals
2015 Topps Baseball: National League: NL-9 Bryce Harper Nationals
2015 Topps Baseball: First Pitch: FP-22 Lars Ulrich Musician Giants
2015 Topps Baseball Update: Gold Parallel:US300 Max Scherzer Nationals AS Game 1064/2015
2016 Panini Black Friday Baseball: 19 Stephen Strasburg Washington - Wow this is one of the best Non-licensed Panini Baseball card I've seen in a while. Almost looks like a licensed card.
2016 Topps Baseball: Purple Parallel: 342 Jayson Werth Nationals
2016 Topps Baseball: New Era?: 1 Bryce Harper Nationals
2016 Topps Baseball: First Pitch:
FP-1 Jeff Bauman Boston Bombing Survivor Red Sox
FP-2 Jake Gyllenhaal Actor Red Sox (cameo of Jeff Bauman)
FP-4 Brady Kahle Red Sox - Kid who sold baseball card collection to help pay for his friends brain cancer treatment. Cameo of Wally The Green Monster.
FP-5 Keith Urban Musician Dodgers
FP-6 Aubrey Plaza Actress Dodgers - Love her Mostly just seen her in commercials at times reminds me of Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13, Stitchers)
FP-7 Chance The Rapper Hip-Hop "artist" White Sox
FP-9 Craig Sager Reporter Cubs
FP-10 Jojo Fletcher Bachelorette (reailty personality) Dodgers
FP-12 Tom Watson Golfer Royals
2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Mascots:
M-4 Wally The Green Monster Red Sox
M-13 Dinger Rockies
M-20 Fredbird Cardinals
2016 Topps Baseball: Spring Fever: SF-29 Bryce Harper Nationals
2017 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: Scoreless Streak: SS-SS Stephen Strasburg Nationals
2017 Topps Baseball: Refractor? 212 Tanner Roark Nationals
2017 Topps Baseball: Gold: 327 Danny Espinosa Nationals 1501/2017
2015 Topps Archives Baseball: WF-8 Will Ferrell Giants

BASKETBALL: 5 cards 1 sticker no dupes that I know of.
2013-14 Panini Basketball Stickers: 154 Bradley Beal Wizards
2003-04 Fleer Ultra Basketball:
33 Juan Dixon Wizards
130 Jared Jeffries Wizards
Gold Medallion: 130 Jared Jeffries Wizards die-cut curved corner
2002-03 Fleer Genuine Basketball: Names of the Game: NG 7 of 15 Michael Jordan Wizards
2001-02 Topps Basketball: Top Tandems: TT6 Michael Jordan and Richard Hamilton Wizards

FOOTBALL: 1 card no dupe
1971 Topps Football: Game Insert: 7 O.J. Simpson Bills

HOCKEY: 4 cards possible dupes
1993 Classic Games 4 Sport Collection: 253 Manon Rheaume Atlanta Knights
1993 Classic Games Pro Hockey Prospects:
1 Manon Rheaume
2 Manon Rheaume
100 Manon Rheume

Sat 30 Dec 2017:
Sportlots Order 3 cards each at 18¢ total Shipping $2.80
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany
41 Jose Vidro Nationals
95 Esteban Loaiza Nationals
216 Frank Diaz Nationals

I think that completes my Mahogany Team Set for the Nationals. I need to finish the base team set.


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January 2018 Mail Days First 2 Weeks:

Sat 06 Jan 18:
Single small photo/card mailer from Chuck (C2Cigars) sent some more cards from the TCDB C2Cigars Business Trading Cards set. Now I have all but two. The ones I got were: Avesbruins, Admin, Bobscardz, Njdevils, Ranfordfan, Switzr1 and Vvvergeer. The two cards I'm missing now are Jayoneill and Rmpaq5.

Wed 10 Jan 18:
Two small yellow packages, one padded the other not, the one without padding the cards were in bubble wrap. I recently had to send a couple of packages like that due to either having bubble mailers that were way too big or too small.

Package 1: the bubbled one the cards were in a small plastic deck case. It was from SCF Football Team Trader Steve the Packers guy (secondary team Patriots) he sent 24 cards, 6, and 18 Redskins (2 dupes)
1997 Playoff Absolute Beginnings Football: 137 Isaac Bruce Rams
2013 Panini Prizm Football:
173 Santana Moss Redskins
174 Josh Morgan Redskins (2)
175 Alfred Morris Redskins
176 Fred Davis Redskins
243 Jawan Jamison RC Redskins
Monday Night Heroes: 21 Robert Griffin III Redskins
2014 Topps Chrome Football: 18 Pierre Garcon Redskins
2014 Topps Platinum Football: 93 Tavon Austin Rams
2014 Panini Prizm Football:
51 Robert Griffin III Redskins
87 Alfred Morris Redskins
224 Cody Hoffman RC Redskins
240 Lamarcus Joyner RC Rams
Hands Team: HT12 Pierre Garcon Redskins (2) - die cut "glove" shaped
2015 Panini Prizm Football:
38 Pierre Garcon Redskins
245 Jamison Crowder RC Redskins - blue parallel
2017 Panini Donruss Football:
45 Jared Goff Rams
51 Robert Woods Rams
215 ryan Kerrigan Redskins
220 Josh Doctson Redskins
2017 Panini Phoenix Football:
186 John Johnson RC Rams - Not too familiar with this set perhaps this is a purple parallel or just base? #d 149/149
Legacy: L-9 Joe Theismann Redskins #d 163/299

Package 2: non-bubbled mailer with cards in bubble wrap was also from a SCF Football Team Trader. Joey The Broncos guy from a few months back Nov trade. 25 cards all Rams. No dupes 4 tall boys, 1 die cut, 4 college uniform well one of them is no uniform at all but is college card.
1990 Fleer Football: 42 Bruce McGee - dupe for me as I have the full '90 Fleer Football Set
1991 Upper Deck The Collector's Choice Football: 94 Rams Checklist card with portrait of Jim Everett
1991 Fleer Football: 266 Henry Ellard
1991 Pro Set Football: 556 Jackie Slater
1991 Wild Card Football: 6 Pat Tyrance Nebraska - this set of Wild Card is ALL College no NFL affliate at all. So any players drafted to NFL are only discovered after the fact. UGH I hate this type of college card.
1992 Wild Card Football: 5 Jerry Gray
1993 Bowman Football: 177 Russell White
1993 Fleer Football: 124 Darryl Henley
1993 Fleer Game Day Football: Tall Boys
129 Todd Lyght
306 Anthony Newman
344 Fred Stokes
392 Henry Rolling
1993 Pro Set Power Football: Power Moves Update: PMUD14 Irv Eatman
1993 Score Football: 339 Bern Brostek
1993 Topps Stadium Club Football: 256 Anthony Newman
1993 Topps Football: 429 Gerald Robinson
1993 Upper Deck Football: 329 Todd Kinchen
1994 Fleer Football: Award Winner NFC Off Rookie of the Year: 1 of 5 Jerome Bettis
1994 Topps Stadium Club Football: 68 Deral Boykin
1995 Skybox Impact Football: 121 Troy Drayton
1996 Skybox Impact Footbal: 120 Isaac Bruce
1997 Fleer Football: Fleer 97-98 Million Dollar Moments Contest Card: 5 of 50 Tom Fears
1999 Press Pass Football: XO die-cut weird Xs and Os thing: XO 34 Dre Bly North Carolina Uniform
1999 Topps Football: 252 Ricky Proehl
2001 Fleer Genuine Football: 67 Torry Holt
2001 Fleer Tradition Football: 273 Orlando Pace
2001 Upper Deck Victory Football: 286 Az-Zahir Hakim
2002 Topps Football: 69 Trung Canidate
2002 Upper Deck XL Football: 443 Ricky Proehl
2004 Fleer Tradition Football: 36 Aeneas Williams
2006 Donruss Rookies & Stars Football: 94 Steven Jackson
2006 Topps Football: 3 Shaun McDonald
2014 Topps Chrome Football: 74 Robert Quinn
2015 Sage Hit Football: 94 Spotlight Todd Gurley - No Uniform
2106 Sage Hit Football: 7 Nelson Spruce Univ Colorado

Fri 12 Jan 18:
PWE from a blog contest. Jason from Hoarding Cardboard had a daily giveaway during Dec 2017. I think he called it "The 25 Days of Giving". He'd show a card or two that he was giving away to thin his hoard and all one need to do was to comment on the card or to say "I'm in" to be included on the entry list. He would then the list and the top name won. If he had two cards to give away you had to mention which you preferred and then the second card would go to the person on the bottom of the list. A few days I forgot to check in on the contest, but I did keep up enough to win one of the final days. It was a TTM autograph card.
1998 Fleer Football: Vintage '63: 90 Mike Lansing Rockies TTM signed black sharpie


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Mail Day Catch Up again.
I have put this off WAY TOO LONG. Here is my mail day catch up for late January 2018.

Thur 18 Jan 2018
I got a small card box the 10" long kind from blogger Adam of Arpsmith blog. He was thinning out his baseball collection and now I forget if I need to send something his way or not. Did I have to pay shipping for these? I forget what the deal was. Oh man now I am totally confused about who I owe what to. I write some of the stuff down, but don't review it often enough or at all sometimes. Out of sight out of mind.

Anyway the box contains a ton of Orioles, Expos and Nationals. Let me do totals:
267 Orioles + 253 Expos + 18 Nationals = 338 Total Cards
With plenty of duplicates, triplicates and sometimes a little more.

Some highlights:
1983 OPC Stickers:
4 Frank Robinson Os Gold border
25 Mike Flanagan Os
164 Andre Dawson Expos All-Star
1980s or 90s something OPC micro 235 Orioles
1990 Topps 153 Randy Mulligan O's signed black sharpie
1985 Topps Rub-Offs with Eddie Murray Os image
1991 Fleer 226 Dennis Boyd Expos
1977 Topps 223 Earl Williams Expos - Might be the oldest card in the batch. I didn't do an exact search.
1988 Fleer Headliners 6 (of 6) Tim Raines Expos
1990 Topps mini 64 Tim Wallach Expos
1994 Collector's Choice Upper Deck fold out Scratch off Andy Van Slyke Pirates vs Cliff Floyd Expos. I "unstuck" the thing very carefully but it still tore at the checkoff box for Pirates Hunter
2004 Bazooka cartoon part BC23 Brad Wilkerson Expos
1982 Topps Sticker 59 Steve Rogers Expos
1988 Panini Sticker 332 Herm Winninghame Expos
1986 Topps Sticker 74 Andre Dawson Expos
1994 Ted Williams 50 Gary Carter Expos
2000 Pacific 7-11 Disc 28 (of 30) Vladimir Guerrero Expos
2012 Gypsy Queen mini 51 Ian Desmond Nationals
2016 Topps Update US125 Daniel Murphy All-Star Game Nationals - I think this marks my first Daniel Murphy as a Nat card. Heck even my first Murphy card period. I featured it on my Curly W Cards blog*.

*I posted 5 Nationals cards on my Curly W Cards blog 2017 Awards Post. 2 or 3 of those cards were in this box. I have since forgotten exactly which cards came from which package or the exact count, but my official counting will be 3 from this box.

Sat 20 Jan 2018
PWE from Chuck C2Cigars TCDB sent the two cards I was missing from the Inaugural 2017 TCDB Members Business Card set. He couldn't stand the thought of me having an incomplete set: NNOs Jayoneill collector and Rmpaq5 trader

Small packed bubble mailer: From SCF Football Team Trader Mike the Dolphins and/or Falcons guy. He sent 51 cards total 34 Rams and 17 Redskins.
1980 Topps Football: 19 Redskins Team Leaders: John Riggins Rushing, Danny Briggs Receiving, Joe Lavender Interceptions, Coy Bacon QB Sacks
1998 Topps Finest Football: 125 Robert Holcombe Rookie Rams
1999 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Football: Rookie GrFX 85 Joe Germaine Rams
1999 Collector's Edge Odessy Football: Second Quarter165 Joe Germaine Rams
1999 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Football: 124 Joe Germaine Rookie Rams
2001 Topps Football: Rookie 318 Rod Gardner Redskins
2003 Upper Deck Rookie Premiers Football: RP-26 Kevin Curtis Rams
2005 Bowman Football:
202 Donte Ridgeway Rams
264 Jerome Carter Rams
2006 Bowman Football:
185 Jon Alston Rams
211 Marques Hagans Rams
2006 Topps Chrome Football: 143 Steven Jackson Rams
2006 Fleer Football: Fleer Futures:
121 Claude Wroten Rams LSU Tigers Uniform
151 Joe Klopfenstein Rams Colorado Buffaloes Uniform
2006 Topps Sports Illustrated for Kids Football: SI17 Torry Holt Rams
?2007 Mattel Inc NLF UNO Football: NNO Wild Clinton Portis Redskins - No copyright date year
2009 Upper Deck First Edition Football: Bombs Away: BA-6 Marc Bulger Rams
2009 Upper Deck Football: Star Rookie 26 Brooks Foster Rams UNC Tar Heels Uniform
2011 Topps Chrome Football: Refractor: 176 Chris Cooley Redskins
2001 Panini Score Football: 271 Sam Bradford Rams
2013 Panini HRX Football: 22 Stedman Bailey RC Rams
2013 Panini Prizm Football:
196 Brian Quick Rams
198 Daryl Richardson Rams
2013 Panini Rookies & Stars Football:
99 Pierre Garcon Redskins
100 Alfred Morris Redskins
2013 Topps Football: Mini: 344 James Laurinaitis Rams
2014 Sage Hit Football: Spotlight:150 Sammy Watkins Clemson Univ. Rams (Drafted by Bills)
2014 Prestige Football:
123 Alfred Morris Redskins
125 DeSean Jackson Redskins
2015 Prestige Football:
53 DeSean Jackson Redskins - Extra Points Green (Emerald?)
193 Aaron Donald Rams
2015 Rookies & Stars Football: 100 Tavon Austin Rams
2015 Score Football: 145 Robert Quinn Rams
2015 Topps Football: 181 Pierre Garcon Redskins
2016 Leaf Draft Football: College Uniforms
03 Aaron Green (Rams) TCU Horned Frogs Uni
50 Keith Marshall (Redskins) Georgia Bulldogs Uni
73 Pharoh Cooper (Rams) South Carolina Gamecocks
2016 Sage Hit Football:
37 Keith Marshall (Redskins) Georgia Bulldogs
58 Hit All-Rookie Team Prospect Keith Marshall (Redskins) Georgia Bulldogs
147 Aaron Green (Rams) TCU Horned Frogs
2016 Prestige Football:
181 Tavon Austin Rams
182 Mark Barron Rams
198 DeSean Jackson Redskins
199 Jamison Crowder Redskins
200 Jordan Reed Redskins
243 Pharoh Cooper RC Rams in South Carolina Uni
260 Nelson Spruce RC Rams in Colorado Uni
2016 Score Football:
323 Matt Jones Redskins
329 Ryan Kerrigan Redskins
2017 Prestige Football:
28 Jordan Reed Redskins
122 Pierre Garcon 49ers in Redskins Uni

Mon 22 Jan 2018
A Blogger was purging his collection thinning out his PC and selling team lots I claimed the Nationals, Expos, Twins, Rangers he sent a large bubble mailer with 29 Twins, 63 Rangers, 16 Expos, 24 Nationals and 8 Donruss Baseball Puzzle pieces = 140 cards total.

Some Highlights:
1993 Donruss Baseball Diamond Kings: DK-6 Brian Harper Twins
2002 Donruss Super Estrellas Baseball: Nacion De Origen NNO Ismael Valdes Rangers
2005 Donruss Champions Baseball:292 Jacque Jones Twins
2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Baseball:
Red Frame 228 Hank Blalock Rangers
Timeline: T-8 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles/Rangers
2005 Donruss Studio Portraits Baseball: SP-12 Alfonso Soriano Rangers 03/25
2005 Donruss Strike Baseball Game: PG-43 Mark Teixeira Rangers 15/60
2013 Topps Archives Baseball:1985 Design Orange 136 Nelson Cruz Rangers
2013 Topps Heritage Baseball: New Age Performers: 1964 Design NAP-66 Gio Gonzalez Nationals
2013 Bowman Platinum Baseball:Purple BPCP58 Cody Buckel Rangers
2013 Topps Baseball: Red: 80 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
2014 Gypsy Queen Baseball: 19 Nelson Cruz Rangers
2014 Topps Heritage Baseball:1965 Design 492 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
2014 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Blue: 171 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals 1622/2014
2014 Topps Baseball: Update: Red Sparkle: US282 Glen Perkins ASG Twins
2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball:142 Anthony Rendon Nationals
2016 Topps Baseball: Gold: 464 Robinson Chirinos Rangers 1483/2016 Looks Like Pudge
1989 Donruss Baseball: Warren Span Puzzle: 13-15, 22-24, 40-42
1990 Donruss Baseball: Carl Yastrzemski Puzzle: 7-9 (4)
1991 Donruss Baseball: Willie Stargell Puzzle: 16-18

Thur 25 Jan 2018
Bubble mailer from SCF Football Team Trader David the Lions Guy. He sent: 55 Rams, 7 Redskins and oddly 1 49er = 63 cards total.
1994 Upper Deck Electric Football:165 Todd Lyght Rams
1995 Playoff Contenders Football:93 Isaac Bruce Rams
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Football: 102 Isaac Bruce Rams (3)
1996 Fleer Football: 164 Eddie Kennison RC Rams
1996 Playoff Illusions Football: 31 Eddie Kennison RC Rams
1996 Fleer Ultra Football: 191 Isaac Bruce Rams
1997 Pinnacle Xpress Football: 115 Eddie Kennison Rams
1999 Skybox Dominion Gen-Next Football: 9 (of 20 GN) Torry Holt Rams
2005 Absolute Football: 133 Isaac Bruce Rams
2005 Score Football:
268 Pisa Tinoisamoa Rams
269 Shaun Mcdonald Rams
2005 Topps Football:
36 Adam Archuleta Rams
52 Marshall Faulk Rams
2005 Topps Total Football:
222 Marc Bulger Rams
369 Adam Timmerman, Andy McCollum, Orlando Pace Rams
397 Kevin Curtis, Shaun McDonald, Dene Looker Rams
Silver 69 Pisa Tinoisamoa, Chris Claiborne, Dexter Coakley Rams
2005 Upper Deck Football:
171 Marshall Faulk (3)
172 Isaac Bruce (3)
2009 Bowman Chrome Football: 70 Santana Moss Redskins
2009 Upper Deck SP Threads Football:
22 Clinton Portis Redskins
84 Santana Moss Redskins
2010 Epix Football:
89 Donnie Avery Rams(3)
90 James Laurinaitis Rams (3)
91 Steven Jackson Rams (3)
2011 Topps Prime Football:
5 Sam Bradford Rams
54 Greg Salas RC Rams
2011 Panini Threads Football:
133 Danny Amendola Rams
135 Sam Bradford Rams
136 Steven Jackson Rams
2011 Topps Football:
89 Chris Long Rams (2)
110 Sam Bradford Rams
144 Danny Amendola Rams
201 Brandon Gibson Rams
252 Takeo Spikes 49ers
271 Robert Quinn RC Rams
286 Sam Bradford Record Breaker Rams - regular checklist cards 1-110 on back umarked (2)
309 Danario Alexander Rams
396 Austin Pettis RC Rams (2)
2012 Absolute Football: 99 Sam Bradford Rams
2014 Topps Prime Football: 59 Tavon Austin Rams
2014 Topps Valor Football:
17 Marshall Faulk Rams
96 Michael Sam RC Rams
192 Aaron Donald RC Rams
2017 Classics Football:
75 DeSean Jackson Redskins
107 Clinton Portis Redskins
151 John Riggins Redskins
296 James Quick Rc Redskins in Univ Louisville Uniform

Mon 29 Jan 2018
Magazine Non-Sport Update Feb-Mar 2018 Vol 29 No 1 Rick And Morty cover. As usual I haven't opened the plastic wrap yet, UGH Exclusive Promo cards (according to cover) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes & Villians and Rick And Morty.


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Here is the Mail Day Catch Up for Feb 2018.

Monday 05 Feb 2018
From December SCF Football Team Traders Trade from Jack the Colts guy. He sent All Redskins 27 Cards:
1991 Upper Deck Football:
104 Earnest Byner
278 Charles Mann
280 Mark Rypien
440 Monte Coleman
1998 Score Football: 250 Skip Hicks Rookie
2001 Topps Heritage Football:1956 Design: 13 Stephen Davis
2004 Fleer Ultra Football: Gold Medallion: 73 Ladell Betts
2008 Absolute Memorabilia Football: 147 Clinton Portis (2)
2008 Gridiron Gear Football: 100 Chris Cooley
2008 Topps Mayo Cut Plug Football:
224 Antwaan Randle El
232 Chris Cooley
311 Jason Taylor
2013 Topps Archives Football:
1985 Design:
99 Pierre Garcon
1986 Design: 150 Robert Griffin III
1959 Design: 153 Brian Orakpo
2014 Bowman Chrome Football:Warped cards much? Dang Chrome Warping
23 Robert Griffin III
99 Pierre Garcon
188 Ryan Grant RC silver border
2014 Topps Chrome Football:Warped also but not as much as Bowman
18 Pierre Garcon
179 Lache Seastrunk RC
194 Silas Redd RC
217 Trent Murphy RC
2015 Topps Chrome Football: Mini:
3 Robert Griffin III
52 DeSean Jackson
2017 Panini Football:
82 Robert Kelley
83 Ryan Kerrigan

Tuesday 06 Feb 2018
Magazine The Wrapper #311 Feb 1 - Mar 24, 2018 Topps 1957 Space Cards cover.

Thursday 08 Feb 2018
Medium bubble mailer from SCF Football Team Trader Mike Da Bears Guy. He sent 50 cards 29 Redskins plus 4 Nationals and 17 Expos.

1990 Pro Set Football:
Super Bowl MVP: 17 John Riggins (2)
1991 Pro Set Platinum Football:289 Ricky Ervins
1993 Fleer Ultra Football: 479 Reggie Brooks RC
1993 Upper Deck Football: Star Rookie: 7 Reggie Brooks
1994 Fleer Football: Sterling Palmer
1994 Score Football: '94 Rookie Heath Shuler Tennessee Vols Uniform
1994 Upper Deck Football: Star Rookie 20 Heath Shuler
1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Football:
43 Rookie Class: WA 9 Greg Jones Colorado Buffaloes Uni
266 Brian Mitchell
267 Henry Ellard
268 Leslie Shepherd
271 Ken Harvey
2013 Absolute Football: Hogg Heaven: 50 Alfred Morris - thick card
2013 Topps Platinum Football: 60 Brian Orakpo
2013 Score Football: 217 Alfred Morris
2014 Contenders Football: Season Ticket: 79 Robert Griffin III
2014 Prestige Football: 122 Pierre Garcon
2014 Topps Chrome Football:
4 Jordan Reed
96 Robert Griffin III
2016 Absolute Football: 90 Matt Jones
2017 Classics Football:
20 Kirk Cousins
75 DeSean Jackson
104 Dexter Manley
107 Clinton Portis
151 John Riggins
2017 Donruss Football:
86 Robert Kelly
161 Jordan Reed
220 Josh Doctson

1980 Topps Baseball:
427 Tom Hutton
1988 Fleer Baseball: 195 Bob Sebra
1988 Score Baseball: 85 Vance Law
1988 Topps Baseball:
399 Tim Wallach AS
403 Tim Raines AS
614 Herm Winningham
1989 Fleer Baseball:
374 Mike Fitzgerald
387 Otis Nixon
388 Johnny Paredes
1990 Donruss Baseball: 216 Tim Raines
1991 Donruss Baseball: Rated Rookie: 38 Moises Alou
1999 Topps Baseball: Draft Picks 215 John McKinley Expos, Jason Tyner Mets
2000 Topps Baseball: 108 Lee Stevens
2003 Topps Opening Day Baseball:62 Brad Wilkerson
2004 Topps Opening Day Baseball:47 Orlando Cabrera
2004 Topps Total Baseball:
213 Ron Calloway
440 Orlando Cabrera

2008 Topps Baseball: Classic Combos:
257 Austin Kearns & Dmitri Young
2011 Topps Baseball: 374 Washington Nationals Team Card? Stephen Strasburg and Ryan Zimmerman
2015 Topps Baseball: 160 Washington Nationals Team Card: Bryce Harper, Denard Spann, Jason Werth
2015 Topps Baseball: Update: Rookie Combos: US59 Rafael Martin & Matt Grace

Wednesday 14 Feb 2018:
Package from SCF Football Team Trader Jason 49ers guy. He sent approx 200 Redskins (first count was 201 second 198) way too many to list all so here is hightlights. Oh and there are several duplicates, triplicates and quadruplicates on the batch.
1983 Topps Football Stickers: puzzle backs
22 Mark Moseley
25 John Riggins
2000 Fleer Football Temporary Tattoos: Redskins logo
2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Football:
9 Bobby Mitchell
14 Joe Theismann (3)
56 Sammy Baugh
71 Billy Kilmer
2001 Topps Archives Football:
20 Sammy Baugh 1955 All American Reprint (3)
195 Sonny Jurgensen 1972 Reprint (2)
2002 Fleer Throwbacks Football:31 Charley Taylor
2002 Fleer Football: Airplane things:
67 Bell 209 (2)
68 AJ-37 (2)
69 B-1
70 SU 35
2003 Topps All American Football:137 Taylor Jacobs Florida Gators (Redskins)
2005 Topps Finest Football: 20 Sean Taylor in rookie number 36 (3)
2008 Donruss Americana: Sports Legends: 29 John Riggins (3)
2009 NFL Prismatic Football Stickers: 32 Washington Redskins football shaped
2012 Panini Momentum Football:96 Pierre Garcon


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Here is the catch up for the first part of March 2018:

Wednesday 07 Mar 2018:
Goodies from Affordable Group Box Break hosted by Colby at Cardboard Collections blog. He busted two boxes 1993 Pacific Premiere Edition Spanish and 1994 Pacific Royal Crown Edition. I bought the Expos and my random team was the Indians. They pretty much do the Fleer numbering of having the teams in alpha order by city.
1993 Pacific Spanish Baseball:
91 (2), 92 (2), 93 (3), 94 (2), 95, 96 (3), 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103
Expos: 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191
1994 Pacific Crown Collection Baseball:
164, 165, 166, 167, 169, 170, 172, 173 (2), 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 183, 184 (2), 185 (3), 186
Expos: 373, 374, 377, 379, 380, 383, 387, 389, 391, 392
The Crown Collection Title Card/ Info for sending for catalog and info updates.

Monday 12 Mar 2018:
Sportlots Order 9 cards 6 at 18¢ 1 (1976 Jerry Morales) at 20¢ 1 (1976 Tommy John) at 30¢ 1 (1976 Walter Johnson) at $1.00 + $3.67 postage:
1976 Topps Baseball:
79 Jerry Morales Cubs
108 Don Kirkwood (who knew this was a double) Angels
318 Bob Boone Phillies
349 Walter Johnson Senators All-Time All-Stars
360 Jeff Burroughs Rangers
416 Tommy John Dodgers
424 Phil Roof Twins
427 Kurt Bevacqua Brewers
1981 Fleer Baseball: 382 Kurt Bevacqua Pirates - mirror or "flipped" image error

Tuesday 13 Mar 2018:
Sportlots Order number one: 5 cards each at 18¢ + $1.50 postage
1976 Topps Baseball:
42 Barry Foote Expos
60 Jerry Reuss Pirates
67 Father & Son: Ray Boone Tigers, Bob Boone Phillies
81 Darrell Evans Braves
2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Football: 1966 Topps Design 19 Deacon Jones Rams Fearsome Foursome

Sportlots Order number two: 2 cards each at 18¢ + $1.00 shipping Silly seller taped the opening of a card saver. I was going to mention that to them in the feedback but I didn't dang it.
1981 Fleer Baseball:
7 Tug McGraw Phillies: Says "Pitcher" on front below bold name
7 Tug McGraw Phillies: Says "Game Saver" on front in bold above name

Wednesday 14 Mar 2018:
Sportlots Order: 4 cards each at 18¢ + $2.35 postage:
2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Football: 19 Eric Dickerson Rams
2002 Playoff Contenders Football:
10 Curtis Martin Jets
27 Mark Brunell Jaguars
2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Football: 1966 Topps Design 78 Roosevelt Grier Rams Fearsome Foursome. My Rams Fearsome Foursome sub-set from this retro set.

Thursday 15 Mar 2018:
Sportlots Order 2 cards 1 at $3.50 and 1 at 25¢ + $3.50 Shipping
1974/75 Topps Hockey: Jimmy Anderson Coach Capitals
1975 Topps Baseball: 620 Rookie Catchers-Outfielders: Gary Carter Expos, Mark Hill Giants, Danny Meyer Tigers, Leon Roberts Tigers

Friday 16 Mar 2018:
Small package from SCF Football Team Trader Jacob the Jets/Giants guy. He sent 8 Redskins, 5 Rams = 13 cards total.
1991 Pacific Football: 516 Todd Bowles Redskins
2009 Score Football: Franchise 9 Clinton Portis Redskins
2017 Score Football:
43 Brian Quick Rams (2)
64 Robert Quinn Rams
88 Chris Thompson Redskins
108 Jamison Crowder Redskins
248 Trent Williams Redskins
267 Ryan Kerrigan Redskins
356 Gerald Everett South Alabama Jaguars (Rams)
Big Man on Campus 5 Jonathan Allen Univ Alabama Crimson Tide (Redskins)
Reflections: 1 Kurt Warner, Jared Goff Rams
Sack Attack: 13 Ryan Kerrigan Redskins

Saturday 17 Mar 2018:
Small bubble mailer contained my portion of Chris Fan of Reds blog"Rockin' Retro Group Break". I bought the Expos/Nationals and got the Royals as my random team. The following boxes made up the break:
1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated Baseball
1998 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box
1998 Topps Gold Label Baseball
2002 Fleer Triple Crown Baseball Hobby Box
2012 Panini Cooperstown Baseball
2017 Topps Gold Label Basebal Hobby Box

I got some cards from other sets. I recall Chris opening a bonus pack of something pre-break, he might have added some other stuff as well. I received 12 Expos, 4 Nationals, 19 Royals, 1 Non-Sport, 36 cards total.
1987 Topps Baseball:
18 Dick Howser Mgr Royals
508 Scott Bankhead Royals
650 Hubie Brooks Expos
669 Bud Black Royals
1992 Score Baseball:
248 Terry Shumpert Royals
252 Bill Pecota Royals
354 Ken Williams Expos
1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated Baseball:
2 Jaime Bluma Royals
8 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
23 Glendon Rusch Royals
86 Mark Grudzielanek Expos
87 Pedro Martinez Expos
1998 Bowman Chrome Baseball
30 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
65 Johnny Damon Royals
196 Refractor Ryan McGuire Expos
Rookie Reprint 90 (43 of 50) Vladimir Guerrero Expos
1998 Topps Gold Label Baseball:70 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
Bonus: tri-fold Gold Label checklist
2002 Fleer Triple Crown Baseball:
6 Chuck Knoblanch Royals
92 Mike Sweeney Royals
101 Jose Vidro Expos
108 Joe Randa Royals
109 Fernando Tatis Expos
116 Carlos Beltran Royals
117 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
124 Mark Quinn Royals
206 Angel Berroa Royals
261 Pace Setters Vladimir Guerrero Expos
2010 Upper Deck Baseball:
539 Mike MacDougal Nationals - Looks a lot like Stephen Strasburg
583 Kansas City Royals Team Card/Checklist Zack Greinke, Joakim Soria
2009 Season Biography: SB-109 Adam Dunn Nationals
2012 Panini Cooperstown Baseball:
24 George Brett Royals
5 High Praise: George Brett Royals
NNO The Village
Bonus: Insert Hall of Fame Holiday trip Sweepstakes Card
2016 Panini Donruss Optic Baseball:
Diamond Kings 12 Eric Hosmer Royals
137 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
2017 Topps Gold Label Baseball:
9 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
55 George Brett Royals

2nd Package: medium smallish bubble mailer. Sportlots Order. 15 cards most at 18¢ (the other prices I will list below following the card) shipping was $3.75 The seller uses the name Cousin22

2006 Topps Finest Baseball:
36 Nick Johnson Nationals
2014 Topps Heritage Baseball:1965 Design: 87 Daniel Murphy Mets
2016 Topps Stadium Club Baseball:202 Daniel Murphy Nationals
2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball: 156 Daniel Murphy Nationals
2017 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball: DK "Originals": DO-4 Daniel Murphy Washington (Nationals)

2017 Panini Illusions Football:

11 Kirk Cousins Joe Theismann Redskins 25¢
12 Robert Kelly John Riggins Redskins
13 Ryan Kerrigan Bruce Smith Redskins
14 Carson Palmer Kurt Warner Cardinals
17 Jared Goff Kurt Warner Rams 25¢
18 Todd Gurley II Marshall Faulk Rams 25¢
19 Sammy Watkins Torry Holt Rams
37 Sam Bradford Rich Gannon Vikings
49 Jameis Winston Doug Williams Buccaneers
2017 Panini Playoff Football: Flea Flicker: 10 Jordan Reed, Kirk Cousins, Robert Kelly Redskins 75¢


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Today Mail Day 3 Card Monty
Friday 23 Mar 2018:
Small bubble mailer from Sportlots Order 3 cards shipping $4.00 (actual postage $3.50)

1977 Topps Baseball: Might already have one or both of these. Not sure.
392 Phil Roof Blue Jays some off centering 25¢
516 Bake McBride Cardinals way Miscut Front top part of card cut shows top part of next card top of CUBS letters and top corner of yellow position banner. Back cut at left edge on right side left part of next card showing card listed and sold as NM hehe. $1.00
1981 Fleer Baseball: 382 Kurt Bevacqua Pirates - Corrected image 18¢


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
ON Wednesday 28 March 2018:
I got a nice sized box from UPS. It was my order from Dave & Adams (DACard World) I mostly got some boxes of stuff to open for the Football Team Traders over at SCF but I did get one PC thing a card set. Since I got a bunch of stuff I made sure my order was large enough to get the free UPS shipping. It is 3 day not rushed but hey FREE Shipping is FREE shipping.

The set I got was the 132 card 1985 Topps USFL Football factory set. Their price for this set was pretty good at $104.95. On Ebay it is at least $110 to start more often up and over $200 and the Inaugural 1984 set is even more expensive. Someday I will get that one as well. The Rookies (or XRCs as many call them since apparently the NFL is the only OFFICIAL RC league) include: Gary Clark, Doug Flutie and Hershel Walker.


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Wednesday 04 April 2018
I received a small bubble mailer package on my Birthday today. My portion of the cards pulled from Colby at Cardboard Collections Blog his second Affordable Group Box Break of the year. This time the products were 2002 Topps Gallery Baseball and 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection Baseball with a bonus repacked box of 100 cards, a box of 2017 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball and I think a bonus pack of something. My purchased team (I think it was 18 bucks this time) was of course the Expos and my random team was originally the Diamondbacks but we were allowed to make trades with the random teams so I traded for the Blue Jays. Getting both Canadian Teams cards hehe. IN total there were 15 cards 11 Blue Jays, 3 Expos, 1 National. He also included an open wrapper from the Clubhouse Collection, and the promo foldout leaflet from Topps Gallery for an auction of the art work that was used in the card set.

Cards received:
1987 Topps Traded Baseball: 83T Jeff Musselman Blue Jays
1991 Upper Deck Baseball:
585 John Cerutti Blue Jays
783 Davon White Blue Jays
1992 Fleer Baseball: 343 Mike Timlin Blue Jays
1993 Donruss Baseball:712 David Cone Blue Jays
2002 Topps Gallery Baseball:
44 Orlando Cabrera Expos
53 Javier Vazquez Expos
62 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
93 Carlos Delgado Blue Jays
188 Kevin Cash Blue Jays
2012 Topps Baseball: 462 Brett Lawrie RC Blue Jays
2017 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball:
88 Edwin Encarnacion Toronto
123 Stephen Strassburg Washington
Originals: D0-7 Josh Donaldson Toronto

2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection Baseball: All Star Appeal: ASBS-CD Carlos Delgado Relic Game Used Base All Star Game- It has little bubble ridges I thought bases were usually just smooth. Serial number 51/65


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
On Friday 06 Apr 2018:
I got the latest issue of Non-Sport Update Volume 29 Number 2 April - May 2018 Wacky Packages "Wreck the Movies" cover. Bonus Cards included are Games of Thrones and Rick and Morty UGH I am tired of both of those dang things.


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Got packages for 3 Sportlots Auctions in 3 days.

On Monday 09 Apr 2018
Single card Sportlots Auction 25¢ bid plus $3.05 shipping
1961 Topps Baseball: 386 Joe Hicks RC Senators - off-center to top

Tuesday 10 Apr 2018
Single card Sportlots Auction 25¢ plus $3.00 shipping
1971-72 Topps Basketball: 112 Jack Marin Baltimore Bullets - Man didn't realize I already had this card. I hadn't updated it to my collection in TCDB.

Wednesday 11 Arp 2018:
A 6 card lot from Sportlots Auction 25¢ + $2.35 shipping
1977 Topps Baseball: had a few, needed a few
282 Sid Monge Angels (dupe?)
348 Brent Strom Padres (dupe?)
364 Vic Correll Braves (maybe dupe)
566 Rick Miller Red Sox
601 Mike Lum Reds(yep dupe)
622 Jim Wohlford Royals

Bad news is the seller sent in PWE in a thin cardboard sleeve that was TAPED shut, cards were in plastic baggies or wrap that was also taped shut in cardboard sleeve. Difficult to open the plastic wrapped cards. UGH good news none of the cards were damaged from it.

BONUS CARDS: The seller added 4 cards to act as a package buffer around the bought cards.
1983 Topps Baseball:197 Jim Eisenreich Twins
1989 Topps Baseball: 705 Terry Kennedy Orioles
1993 Topps Baseball: Comming Attraction:
812 Mat Walbeck Cubs
816 Tim Laker Expos