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On Saturday 05 Aug 2017: A single card mail day from Ebay bought as BIN at $7.75 Free shipping.
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 64 Bryce Harper Nationals 19 Apr Grand Slam & Solo Homer goes 4-for-4


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Here is a mail day catch up for Aug that will be 2 posts.

Big Mail Day 09 Aug 2017 Part 1:
Catching up on mail day updates: Had a big mail day. Dividing into two parts, part 2 will be huge (or Yuge)

Mail Day Wednesday 09 Aug 2017:
It was a two packages and one envelope (small bubble mailer actually) type of day.

Small one card package: From Ebay $5.99 Free Shipping:
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 363 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals – 235th HR Franchise Record

Package 1: From SCF Football Team Traders Group from Andrew the Titans guy. 24 cards 3Rams, 21 Redskins (4 shown in college Uni)
2009 Press Pass Football: Trophy Club: 58 Brian Orakpo Redskins shown in Texas Longhorns Uniform (no mention of Skins on card)
2009 Upper Deck Football: NFL Draft Edition: Conference Clashes: 261 Brian Orakpo Texas Longhorns (Redskins) and Graham Harrell Texas Tech Red Raiders (Packers/Jets)
2009 Upper Deck Football: First Edition: 184 Brian Orakpo Redskins
2012 Absolute Football: Marks of Fame: 24 Steven Jackson Rams #d 004/100
2015 Panini Prizm Football:
66 Art Monk Redskins
115 DeSean Jackson Redskins
101 Tavon Austin Rams - Blue Parallel
101 Tavon Austin Rams - Green Parallel
296 Trey Williams RC Redskins
2016 Panini Donruss Football: 47 Josh Norman Redskins
2016 Panini Donruss Elite Football: 95 DeSean Jackson Redskins
2016 Panini Donruss Optic Football:
100 Jordan Reed Redskins
127 Kendall Fuller RC Redskins
Rookie Threads: DRT-JD Josh Doctson Redskins all maroon swatch
2016 Panini Football:
109 Matt Jones Redskins
119 DeSean Jackson Redskins
139 Jordan Reed Redskins
139 Jordan Reed Redskins Red “Chrome?” Parallel
Accolades: 13 DeAngelo Hall Redskins - 4 Interceptions one game.
Rookie Colligraphy: RC-SC Su’a Cravens RC Redskins on sticker autograph blue sharpie
2016 Panini Prestige Football:
240 Josh Doctson Redskins in TCU uniform
292 Su’a Cravens RC Redskins Extra Points Green USC Uniform
2016 Panini Prizm Football: 257 Nate Sudfeld RC Redskins Refractor, Super Refractor? Don’t know if it is a special refractor or not these things often have 20 different versions. OK not 20 but often more than one and they are totally confusing.
2016 Panini Score Football: All Americans: 17 Robert Griffin III Redskins


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Big Mail Day 09 Aug 2017 Part 2: Warning This is a huge list.

Package 2: From SCF Football Team Traders Group from Kenny the Ravens guy (he also likes unclaimed teams 49ers and Vikings) he sent a huge stack 115 cards. Years range from 1987 to 2014.All Rams it looks like so I won’t mention teams except different uniforms or second player named.
1987 Topps Football: 1000 Yard Club: 1 Eric Dickerson
1988 Topps Football: 1000 Yard Club: 21 Henry Ellard
1989 Pro Set Football:
195 Greg Bell
207 Jackie Slater
1990 Fleer Football: 41 Mike Lansford
1991 Pro Line Portraits Football:
14 Willie Anderson
42 Cleveland Gary
71 Irv Pankey
101 Jackie Slater
129 Tom Newberry
158 Henry Ellard
210 Roman Phifer
216 John Robinson Coach
259 Jim Everett
262 Marcus Dupree
269 Kevin Greene
1991 Pro Set Football:
204 Tom Newberry
206 Alvin Wright
378 Jackie Slater Think About It
382 All NFC Team Jackie Slater
557 Michael Stewart
1991 Score Football: 618 Marcus Dupree Comeback Player of the Year
1991 Topps Stadium Club Football: Lorenzo White Oilers - What? Oh it’s a Cameo Rams card
1992 Pro Set Football: 221 Todd Lyght
1992 Score Football:
141 Jim Everett
333 Jerry Gray
1992 Topps Football: 564 Robert Delpino
1992 Fleer Ultra Football:
208 Darryl Henley
213 Michael Stewart
215 Robert Young
1993 Classic Games Football: NFL Draft: 36 Troy Drayton Penn State Uni
1993 Fleer Football: 414 Henry Ellard
1993 Score Football:
53 Cleveland Gary
116 Kevin Greene
197 David Lang (2)
214 Jackie Slater
252 Henry Ellard (2)
1993 Skybox Football: 169 Sean Gilbert
1993 Topps Stadium Club Football:
115 Marc Boutte
142 Jackie Slater
1993 Upper Deck Football:
85 Rams Checklist unmarked Jim Everett
300 Steve Israel
1994 Fleer Football:
251 Willie Anderson
259 Todd Lyght
265 Jackie Slater
1994 Topps Football:
77 Leo Goeas
141 Wayne Gandy Draft Pick
244 Tony Zendejas
338 Darryl Ashmore - has Redskins cameo Charles Mann
422 Marc Boutte
1994 Fleer Ultra Football:
164 Wayne Gandy
165 Sean Gilbert
430 Robert Young
1995 Topps Finest Football: 159 Johnny Bailey
1996 Press Pass Football: Rookie Class: 6 Lawrence Phillips in Nebraska Uni
2006 Fleer Football: Fleer Futures: 133 Dominique Byrd in Tojans Uni
2006 Upper Deck Football: Rookie Premiere:14 Joe Klopfenstein
2007 Donruss Absolute Memorabilia Football:68 Randy McMichael
2007 Topps Football:
185 Torry Holt
186 Isaac Bruce
189 Drew Bennett
2008 Press Pass Football: 56 Trophy Club Chris Long in VA Univ Cavaliers Uni
2008 Score Football: 296 Drew Bennett
2008 Topps Football:
46 Trent Green
54 Steve Jackson
66 Brian Leonard
267 O.J. Atogwe
369 Donnie Avery
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Football:
132 Steven Jackson
Starquest: SQ7 Chris Long in Cavaliers Uni
2008 Upper Deck Football: NFL Players Rookie Premiere: 27 Donnie Avery
2009 Donruss Classics Football: 88 Marc Bulger
2009 Press Pass Football: 35 James Laurinaitis in OSU Uni
2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football: National Chicle Football Stars: Mini (1930s Goudey Style/Size) NC83 James Laurinaitis in OSU uniform
2009 Prestige Football: 151 Jason Smith
2009 Upper Deck SP Football: 12 Donnie Avery
2009 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Football: 5 Oshiomogho Atogwe
2009 Upper Deck SP Threads Football: 30 Donny Avery
2009 Upper Deck First Edition Football:
135 Marc Bulger
136 Donnie Avery (2)
166 James Laurinaitis in OSU Uni
186 Jason Smith (2)
2009 Upper Deck Football Heroes: 89 Steven Jackson
2010 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football:
89 Donnie Avery
90 James Laurinaitis
91 Steven Jackson (2)
2010 Panini Adrenalyn XL Football TCG: These are cards from a Trading Card Game (TCG, or CCG (Collectible Card Game)) I guess it is Panini’s answer to Topps Attax games. They remind me of the 2010 Playoff Prestige cards.
358 Mardy Gilyard
360 Ron Bartell
EXTRA: ES29 James Laurinaitis - These “Extra” cards has that diamondy glitter background some lighter refractors have.
2010 Classics Football: Huh they say “Classics 09-10” like Hockey and Basketball cards do. Wha?
89 Danny Amendola (2)
90 Donnie Avery
2010 Panini Epix Football: 90 James Laurinaitis
2010 Panini Gridiron Gear Football: 134 Danny Amendola
2010 Panini Prestige Football: 181 Donnie Avery
2010 Panini Rookies & Stars Football:
134 Danny Amendola (2)
136 James Laurinaitis
137 Steven Jackson
2010 Panini Threads Football:
135 Donnie Avery
137 Steven Jackson
2011 Topps Platinum Football: 83 Sam Bradford
2011 Panini Prestige Football:
178 Brandon Gibson (2)
179 Danny Amendola (2)
183 Steven Jackson
2011 Score Football: 267 Donnie Avery
2012 Topps Football: 143 Steven Jackson
2014 Topps Football: 96 Zac Stacy


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
On Monday 21 Aug 2017 I had a single envelope single card mail day. From Ebay for $5.99 Free Shipping:
2017 Topps Now Baseball: 402 Brian Goodwin, Wilmer Difo, Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Back-to-Back-to-Back-to-Back Home Runs Power Record Day


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Special Edition: 3 card Mail Day plus an in person 4 binder collection Haul

ON Friday 01 Sep 2017:
I got a special haul of cards. To back up slightly For a few years now on the First Friday of each month I get together with some friends at their house and a mutual friend joins us. Their oldest son, one of two, who is in his early to mid 30s now used to collect trading cards. Not sure if the other son collected or not. So what seems like just a couple of years ago, is actually 4 years ago, they gave me the bulk of their son's cards from around the typical junk wax years Mostly early 1990s. I blogged about it here. I don't know if the son has even thought about his old hobby, or as I said back in that post if he is even aware that his old collection is gone, now completely gone. Anyway with that first haul I was told there might be some more cards, but they weren't sure, about 2 years ago a binder or two showed up, and to my surprise a few weeks ago the "final" batch was uncovered and given to me over this Labor Day weekend. A healthy mix of baseball and football cards were in three 3 inch binders. Plus there was a thinner binder. I originally thought of it as a "Trapper Keeper", but this thing is just a 1 inch binder with a Velcro flap. This smaller binder held some non-sport cards. To be exact it has an incomplete set of 1994 Fleer Ultrra Beavis and Butthead cards. Hahahahahaha. I didn't do a complete count, but they are organized by number and there was even a "Cards Needed" checklist on a piece of notebook paper. Not sure if I've going to try to complete the set or not. Over the years I have thought about it.

One time I used to have a nine-card promo sheet of the set from one of the Non-Sport Card Magazines (I think it was Card Collector's Price Guide) that would often include those 9 card promo sheets I ended up selling it on Ebay some years ago. That would have been a nice compliment to the set if I had ever pursued it.

Also there was a 25 sheet pack of 9 pocket binder pages from Mega Cards with the free Conlon Collection card in it. This one has a 1992 colorized #12 Carl Hubbell card. Moving on.

Saturday 02 Sep 2017:
Mail Day: 1 PWE 3 cards Sportlots auction all three for 25¢ each plus $3.37 shipping
1957 Topps Baseball: 158 Curt Simmons Phillies
1959 Topps Baseball: 498 Dick Hyde Senators
1965 Topps Baseball: 180 Bob Allison Twins

Hey that is one card for my Strive For '65 Set Build
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ON Tuesday 05 Sep 2017: I got 3 envelopes/packages all from Sportlots auctions So I don't need to mention where they came from. Most were the standard opening 25¢ bid. Even though at least one package was a PWE for simplicity I will call all 3 a "package" even if none of them actually were a true package. Actually I think one was a cardboard envelope like you would mail CDs or "floppy discs" in a small square "photograph" envelope I guess.

Package 1: 7 cards 2 auctions 1 single football and 1 lot of 6 baseball cards. Both auctions bid was the standard 25¢ bid Shipping for all was $3.54

1968 Topps Football: 110 Norm Snead Eagles shown in Skins uniform
1974 Topps Baseball: 6 card White Sox lot
46 Pat Kelly
357 Buddy Bradford
440 Jim Kaat
462 Luis Alvarado
519 Bill Sharp
NNO Chicago White Sox Team Checklist unmarked miscut next card can start to be seen at bottom edge, from back it appears it was the Cardinals Team Checklist

Package 2: 3 card lot $5.50 plus $3.50 shipping
Kirk Cousins Rookie Cards Redskins
2012 Limited Football: 180 Phenom #230/299
2012 Topps Platinum Football: 104
2012 Topps Turkey Red Football: 63

The Turkey Red card was the card I got the lot of 3 for. I wasn't sure if I had the other two or not, and didn't care that much so long as I got the Turkey Red

BONUS CARD Used as safety padding (along with a blank white decoy on the other end of the card "sandwich")
2017 Panini Donruss Elite Football: 139 Cales Brantley RC Browns #498/499

Package 3: Known PWE 1 item 25¢ Plus $2.55 shipping
1 pack of 1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball:contains 8 cards.


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
On Friday 08 Sep 2017 I got a single small Priority Mail bulk box from Jacob the Jets/Giants guy in the SCF Football Team Traders Group. He sent 64 cards = 30 Redskins, 29 Rams and 5 Expos (1 dupe)

So here is what I got this batch:

1989 Topps Traded Football: 96T A.J. Johnson Redskins
1990 Pro Set Football: Super Bowl Supermen All-Time Team 49 Ricky Sanders Redskins
1990 Score Football: 192 Tom Newberry Rams
1994 Score Football: 49 Rookie: 276 Heath Shuler Redskins - Tennessee Uniform
1996 Fleer Football: FACT Fleer Shell: Thank goodness for TCDB I thought this was just a parallel set but it is a special smaller set for kids to stay in school. The card backs have facts on them instead of standard stats. It looks like it is some kind of trivia card game.
27 Isaac Bruce Rams
32 Terry Allen Redskins
96 Heath Shuler Redskins
1997 Pinnacle Football: 33 Eddie Kennison Rams
1997 Fleer Ultra Football:
23 Lawrence Phillips Rams
71 Brian Mitchell Redskins
295 Cris Dishman Redskins
315 Jeff Hostetler Redskins
1999 Fleer Mystique Football: 22 Skip Hicks Redskins
1999 Fleer Ultra Football: 110 Amp Lee Rams
2000 Bowman Chrome Football: Shattering Performers: SP9 Marshall Faulk Rams
2000 Rookies & Stars Football: 96 Brad Johnson Redskins
2012 Absolute Football:
93 Pierre Garcon Redskins
95 Roy Helu Jr. Redskins
2014 Topps Football:
35 Johnny Hekker All-Pro Rams
64 Jake Long Rams
66 Brian Orakpo Redskins
71 Robert Quinn All-Pro Rams
72 Perry Riley Jr. Redskins
74 Chris Givens Rams
96 Zac Stacy Rams
100 Daryl Richardson Rams
116 Washington Redskins Team Card - Man these modern "team cards" are hard to tell if they are a dang team card now days.
124 Leonard Hankerson Redskins
152 Pierre Garcon Redskins
158 St. Louis Rams Team Card
199 Janoris Jenkins Rams
208 James Laurinaitis Rams
303 Alec Ogletree Rams
312 Alfred Morris Redskins
338 Lahe Seastrunk RC Redskins
349 Trent Murphy RC Redskins
351 Silas Redd RC Redskins
357 Cody HoffmanvRC Redskins
362 Marcus Roberson RC Rams
389 Michael Sam RC Rams
417 Greg Robinson RC Rams
422 Tre Mason RC Rams
424 Aaron Donald RC Rams
440 Ryan Grant RC Redskins
2016 Donruss Football:
158 Aaron Donald Rams
293 Matt Jones Redskins
297 Ryan Kerrigan Redskins
2016 Score Football:
292 Nick Foles Rams
297 Jarod Cook Rams
299 Mark Barron Rams
300 Robert Quinn Rams
301 Trumaine Johnson Rams
323 Matt Jones Redskins
324 Alfred Morris Redskins
327 Jamison Crowder Redskins
367 Pharoh Cooper RC Rams South Carolina Uniform - the Rookies for this set are in college uniforms with NO Mention of who drafted them. I hate that.
378 Nelson Spruce RC Rams Colorado Uniform
422 Keith Marshall RC Redskins Georgia Uniform
2017 Score Football: No Fly Zone: 1 Josh Norman Redskins

1991 Donruss Baseball: Rated Rookie: 38 Moises Alou Expos
2003 Topps Opening Day Baseball: 62 Brad Wilkerson Expos (2)
2004 Topps Opening Day Baseball: 47 Orlando Cabrera Expos
2004 Topps Total Baseball: 213 Ron Calloway Expos


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I've got some mail-day updates to do soon. Hopefully I'll be awake and energetic enough to post later tonight. In addition to 6 or 7 Sportlots auctions from 3 sellers, I ordered 59 cards from about 16 seller's stores there. Still expecting a few of the remaining cards to dribble in.

One card from one of the sellers they marked as missing (when they filled the order) and gave me the 18cents credit which was applied to my payment on the auctions when they finished up. So only 58 cards instead of 59.

Interestingly one of the sellers had messaged me saying the had lost power due to Irma and his shipping out would be delayed a few days. When the power was restored to him and his post office he shipped it about 2 or 3 days earlier than his delayed estimate was. He said he usually ships immediately the day after receiving an order. Well the 1970s vintage cards I ordered from him arrived still earlier than some of the sellers who had filled orders at the same time or earlier. His return address was in Georgia.

Another seller took almost a full week before marking items as shipped. The 2 cards from him are some of the ones I'm still waiting on.


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
For September 2017 I made a 59 card Sportlots order and bid on some Sportlots auctions. One of the sellers of the 59 store stock cards as missing a card so it its only 58 cards. Oh well that happens sometimes.

On to the Cards:

Thursday 14 Sept 2017:

Package 1: Think it was a PWE 4 cards 18¢ each Shipping was $1.54
1992 Pro Line Collection Football: Checklists:
B 1991 Portraits Series cards 1 - 75
C 1991 Portraits Series cards 76 - 150
F 1992 Portraits Series cards 301 - 375
G 1992 Portraits Series cards 376 - 450

Package 2: PWE 5 cards 4 baseball at 18&#162 each; and 1 football at 90¢ shipping $1.60
1999 Topps Baseball:
399 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
409 Brian Anderson Diamondbacks
426 Prospects Shortstops: Michael Cuddyer Twins, Mark DeRosa Braves, Jerry Hairston Jr. Orioles
427 Prospets Second Basemen: Marlon Anderson Phillies, Ron Belliard Brewers, Orlando Cabrera Expos

1994 Ted Williams Football: Hollywood Moments HM1 Fred Dryer Rams

Package 3: Small bubble mailer 8 cards all 18¢ shipping $4.00
1982 Fleer Baseball: 210 Tim Wallach Expos
2003 Topps Total Baseball: 697 Ryan Church Indians

1991 Pro Line Portraits: NFL Spirit: Wives:(copyrighted 1992)
2 Babette Kosar Browns
3 Janet Elway Broncos
4 Michelle Oates Giants
5 Toni Lipps Steelers
7 Phylicia Rashad Vikings
13 Carole Hinton Falcons

Friday 15 Sep 2017: 1 PWE 2 cards 18¢ each $1.00 shipping. Dangerous card saver taped on top UGH
1982 O-Pee-Chee Baseball: 191 Tim Wallach Expos

1978 Topps Football: 436 Harold McLinton Redskins

Saturday 16 Sep 2017: 2 packages 1 PWE one small padded mailer.

Package 1: PWE 3 cards 18¢ each Shipping $1.00 another card saver, forget if it had dangerous tape.
1992 Pro Line Portraits Football: Wives:
9 Faith Cherry Chiefs
10 Kaye Cowher Steelers
18 Linda Seifert 49ers

Package 2: small bubble mailer: 9 cards all at 18¢ shipping was $3.00
1988 Fleer Update Baseball: U-83 Rob Dibble Reds
1989 Topps Bazooka Shinning Star Baseball:14 (of 22) Rickey Henderson Yankees
1995 Topps Bazooka Baseball:
16 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
51 Tim Wallach Dodgers
1995 Pinnacle Baseball: 128 Ken Griffey Jr Mariners - Big Bubble Gum Bubble card

2005 Topps Bazooka Basketball: 147 Gilbert Arenas Wizards

1991 Pro Line Portraits Football: Wives:
1 Jennifer Montana 49ers
6 Stacy O'Brian Jets

1991-92 Topps Hockey: Top Prospect: 290 Olaf Kolzig Capitals
2000-01 Upper Deck Hockey: NHL Legends:131 Olaf Kolzig Capitals

Monday 18 Sep 17: 6 packages:

Package 1: 8 cards 2 (4 card) auctions at 25¢ each shipping $2.65
1969 Topps Baseball: Pilots
83 Mike Ferraro
178 Ray Oyler
285 Don Mincher
631 John Kennedy
1970 Topps Baseball: Phillies
6 Grant Jackson
56 Phillies Rookie Stars: Joe Lis and Scott Reid
168 Dave Watkins
218 Ron Stone

Package 2: 3 cards shipping 68¢
1992 Pinnacle Hockey: 330 Kirk McLean Canucks 27¢

1984 Donruss Champions Baseball: Sigh didn't realize these were over sized (3.5x5) cards. Like postcards.
19 Eddie Murray Orioles 70¢
37 Walter Johnson Senators 50¢

Package 3: 1 card at 18¢ $1.25 shipping was supposed to be 2 cards but the other card was "missing" out of stock. It was a variant/parallel version.
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: 17 Chad Cordero Nationals

Package 4: 2 cards 25¢ shipping $2.84 plus 5 bonus cards.
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball: 3 Moises Alou Expos
1992 Donruss Triple Play Baseball: 138 The Famous Chicken Previously San Diego Padres Mascot
1989 Donruss Baseball: MVP: BC-17 Alan Trammell Tigers
1990 Fleer Baseball: 6 Dennis Eckersley Athletics
1990 Score Baseball: 1990 Rookie 639 Mark Gardner Expos
1991 Fleer Baseball: 499 Craig Biggio Astros
1991 Topps Baseball: 600 Bo Jackson Royals

Package 5: 3 cards all 18¢ shipping $4.00
1976 Topps Baseball: 564 Bubble Gum Blowing Champ Kurt Bevacque Brewers
1991 Bowman Baseball: 307 Kurt Stillwell Royals
2001 Upper Deck Top Tier Football: 53 Mike Anderson Broncos

Package 6: 5 vintage cards shipping $2.87 this package came from Georgia the seller messaged me apologizing for the possibility of shipping out late, he normally ships next day but couldn't because of losing power due to hurricane Irma. I still got to me quicker than some of the other sellers who marked their cards as order processed the day after I ordered.

1954 Topps Baeball: Heinie Manush Senators $2.89
1971-72 Topps Basketball: All 4 Baltimore Bullets
7 Kevin Loughery $1.25
37 John Tresvant 55¢
95 Wes Unseld $1.85
112 Jack Marin 85¢

Tuesday 19 Sep 17:
2 packages

Package 1:
4 cards $1.75 shipping
1993 Cardtoons Baseball: Parody cards
1 Hey Abbott Crankies 18¢
56 Rob Quibble Dreds 18¢
59 Budge Rodriguez Strangers 50¢
90 Checklist 18¢

Pakage 2:
22 vintage cards from auctions shipping was $8.52 robbery since they are auctions and Sportlots doesn't usually combine shipping for auctions. It is better to buy from the stores. The two 1965 cards were 75¢ the rest of the cards including the two lots of eight 1967 Topps cards were all 25¢ I think the 1965 cards were upped by the same buyer it might have been a shill but I have bought from this seller before so might have just been a coincidence that the same buyer attempted to get the two cards for 50¢

1960 Topps Football:
112 St. Louis Cardinals Team Card checklist on back unmarked.
1961 Topps Football: 53 Art Hunter Rams back rub-off cartoon might have been unscratched can barely see it reads "Hunter gets his prey"

1960 Topps Baseball:
53 Jackie Brandt Orioles wearing Giants cap
1961 Topps Baseball: 463 Milwaukee Braves Team Card
1965 Topps Baseball:
89 Mike Hershberger White Sox
98 Bob Miller Dodgers
1967 Topps Baseball:
67 Ken Berry White Sox
83 Ollie Brown Giants
94 Ron Fairly Dodgers
116 Herman Franks Giants MGR
138 Dick Kelly Braves
182 Ed Charles Athletics
189 Chuck Hinton Indians
190 Turk Farrell Astros
231 John Bateman Astros
248 Gene Mauch Phillies MGR
270 Zoilo Versalles Twins
279 Frank Linzy Giants
291 Jim Hannan Senators
293 Ed Kirkpatrik Angels
325 Chico Cardenas Reds
332 Jesus Alou Giants
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Catch up for end of Sept 2017.

On Friday 29 Sept 2017 Magazine issue: Non-Sport Update: Oct/Nov 2017 Vol 28 No 5 Gilligan's Island Cover. Bonus Promo cards: Haven't opened yet but cover says: Star Trek: Beyond, Arrow Season 4 and Halloween Series. UGH the Halloween thing is probably pretty amateurish looking.

Saturday 30 Sep 2017: Sportlots purchases from large batch 4 cards 3 at 18¢ and 1 at 30¢ shipping was $1.60
1982 Donruss Baseball: 140 Tim Wallach RC Expos
1982 Topps Baseball: 191 Tim Wallach RC Expos
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: 1951 Design: 97 Ryan Church Nationals
2005 Bowman Heritage Baseball: Mahogany1951 Design: 97 Ryan Church Nationals - This is the 30 ¢ card.

Hey that is it for September. Now here is the first of October.

Tuesday 03 Oct 2017: a single PWE from a somewhat surprise source. Over the weekend I had noticed I had a private message from Facebook messenger. It was from a guy named George from one of the Frank Howard Facebook groups I follow and participate in. He mentioned he had some doubles of of some Hondo cards. So I told him I needed two, one I might have had years ago but somehow didn't seem to have currently. So in a RAoC (Random Act of Cardness) he gifted me two Hondo cards:
1964 Topps Baseball: 371 Frank Howard Dodgers
1969 Topps Baseball: 170 Frank Howard Senators.
The '69 one I could have sworn I had a few years back but I didn't have it marked on my TCDB list.


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
On Friday 06 Oct 2017: I got a Sportlots package the next to the last one I'm expecting from my 50some card buying binge. 2 cards the first at 18¢ the second at 25¢ shipping was $2.80

2002 Bowman Baseball: 314 Ryan Church Indians
2003 Topps Total Baseball: Silver: 697 Ryan Church Indians


Old School Vintage
26 (100%)
Mail day Oct 2017 Catch-Up
Fri 20 Oct 2017
Magazine The Wrapper #309 Topps 1956 Flags of the World Cover story

Mon 23 Oct 2017:
Package from SCF Football Team Trader Chris the Steelers Guy. He sent 37 cards total 2 Redskins the other 35

Rams. 10 are in college uniforms and one is in Rookie Combine workout clothes (UGH)

1991 Pacific Football: 248 Marcus Dupree Rams
1991 Pro Set Football: 199 Henry Ellard Rams
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Football: MVP: M38 Isaac Bruce Rams
1996 Select Football: Fluid & Fleet 188 Isaac Bruce Rams
1996 Upper Deck SPX Football: Die-cut 48 Jerome Bettis Rams
1997 Press Pass Football: Can't Miss: CM 4of6 Orlando Pace Rams in college Uni
1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond Football: 88 Trent Green Rams
1999 Fleer Skybox Dominion Football: Gen Next: 9of20 GN Torry Holt Rams
1999 Upper Deck MVP Football: 205 Torry Holt Rams in College Uni (NC State)
1999 Press Pass Football: 10 Torry Holt NC State (Rams)
1999 Press Pass Football: Hardware: HW 3/12 Torry Holt NC State (Rams)
1999 Fleer Tradition Football: 273 Torry Holt Rookie in NC State Uni Rams
1999 Fleer Ultra Football: Gold Medallion Edition: 64G Ricky Proehl Rams
2000 Pacific Aurora Football: 117 Trung Canidate Rams Rookie in college uni
2000 Fleer Impact Football: 86 Torry Holt Rams
2000 Pacific Omega Football: 115 Torry Holt Rams
2000 Pacific Vanguard Football: 111 Torry Holt Rams
2001 Pacific Dynagon Football: 76 Isaac Bruce Rams
2001 Donruss Elite Football: 86 Torry Holt Rams
2001 Fleer Authority Football: 62 Marshall Faulk Rams
2001 Fleer Game Time Football: 21 Torry Holt Rams
2001 Topps Heritage Football: 1956 Design:24 Torry Holt Rams
2001 Fleer NFL Hot Prospects Football: 72 Marshall Faulk Rams
2001 Fleer Tradition Football: 366 St. Louis Rams Team Card "Spirit of St. Louis flying high in 2000"
2004 Press Pass SE Football: Old School: OS 9/27 Steven Jackson in college uni Oregon State (Rams)
2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football: 91 Torry Holt Rams
2007 Donruss Playoff Contenders Football: 91 Torry Holt Rams
2007 Topps Finest Football: 59 Torry Holt Rams
2007 Press Pass Football: NCAA Leaders Reflectors: 51 John Beck BYU (Redskins)
2007 Upper Deck NFL SP Authentic Football:91 Torry Holt Rams
2007 Donruss Threads Football: 48 Isaac Bruce Rams
2008 Press Pass Football: 50 Donnie Avery Houston college uni (Rams)
2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football: 40 Donnie Avery Rams
2010 Panini Epix Football: 90 James Laurinaitis Rams
2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends Football: 1960s Decades Best: DB-17 Joe Theismann Notre Dame (Redskins)
2012 Panini Playoff Contenders Football: 99 Sam Bradford Rams
2012 Topps Chrome Football: 128 Janoris Jenkins RC Rams in Rookie Combine workout clothes UGH.

Thu 26 Oct 2017:
2 cards Sportlots Auctions Shipping $2.68
1957 Topps Football: 34 Bill Wade Rams miscut at top. Very sharp edges might be a trimming job. 25¢
1958 Topps Baseball: 236 Ed Fitzgerald Senators $2.50

Package from SCF Football Team Trader Rod the Saints guy. He sent 77 cards 50 Rams and 27 Redskins.

Most in their college unis (Contenders Draft Picks) and a load of dupes.

2015 Panini Prizm Football: 291 Todd Gurley RC Rams
2016 Panini Classics Football: 262 Jared Goff RC Univ CA Berkley (Rams)
2016 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football: Game Day 2 Jared Goff Univ CA Berkley (Rams)
2016 Panini Donruss Football: Rated Rookie372 Jared Goff Rams
2016 Panini Prestige Football: 201 Jared Goff RC Rams
2017 Panini Absolute Football:
3 Jared Goff Rams (2)
7 Terrelle Pryor Sr. Redskins
13 Todd Gurley II Rams (2)
17 Jordan Reed Redskins (3)
23 Robert Woods Rams
95 Kirk Cousins Redskins (2)
175 Sam Rogers RC Rams
2017 Panini Certified Football:
58 Kirk Cousins Redskins
65 Jared Goff Rams
Certified Accomplishments: CA-KW Kurt Warner Rams
2017 Panini Donruss Certified Cuts Football: 14 Jordan Reed Redskins
2017 Panini Classics Football:
95 Jared Goff Rams
104 Dexter Manley Redskins
112 Kurt Warner Rams
2017 Panini Contenders Football: In college Uniforms
36 Eric Dickerson SMU (Rams) (2)
46 Jared Goff Univ CA Berkley (Rams) (2)
55 Josh Doctson TCU (Redskins) (3)
59 Kirk Cousins Michigan State (Redskins)
71 Marshall Faulk San Diego State (Rams) (4)
94 Todd Gurley II Georgia (Rams) (6)
Collegiate Connections:
2 Billy Simms (Lions) Samaje Perine (Redskins) Oklahoma (2)
6 Samaje Perine (Redskins) Dede Westbrook (Jaguars) Oklahoma (4)
8 Donnel Pumphrey (Eagles) Marshall Faulk (Rams) San Diego State (2)
Game Day Tickets:
18 Samaje Perine Oklahoma (Redskins)
24 Cooper Kupp Eastern Washington (Rams) (2)
Old School Colors: 10 Todd Gurley II Georgia (Rams)
Passing Grades: 7 Jared Goff Univ CA Berkeley (Rams) (5)
Rush Week:
5 Samaje Perine Oklahoma (Redskins) (5)
8 Todd Gurley II Georgia (Rams) (4)
2017 Panini Donruss Elite Collegiate Fotball:More College Unis
36 Eric Dickerson SMU (Rams
46 Jared Goff Univ CA Berkeley (Rams)
71 Marshall Faulk San Diego State (Rams)
2017 Panini Phoenix Football: 60 Todd Gurley II Rams
2017 Panini Prestige Football:
50 Jamison Crowder Redskins Xtra Points Green 086/150
220 Cooper Kupp RC Rams in Eastern Washington College Uni
2017 Panini Score Football:
17 Case Keenum Rams
43 Brian Quick Rams
367 Jonathan Allen RC in Univ Alabama uniform (Redskins)

Fri 27 Oct 2017:
3 cards from Sportlots Auction all 3 cards opening 25¢ bid + $2.25 shipping
1967 Topps Baseball:
267 Don Schwall Braves off-center to right almost at edge on front (back to left)
403 Dick Nen Senators slightly off-center to right
414 Casey Cox Senators

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1967 Topps Baseball: 531 Seventh Series Checklist Brooks Robinson floating head Unmarked off-center to right
Bonus Card: 1993 Topps Baseball: 6 Jeff Tackett Orioles