Break Complete! SCC Mid-Monthly Pick Your Team Style Baseball Group Break Club - January 2023


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SCC Mid-Monthly Pick Your Team Style Baseball Group Break Club - January 2023

Hi everybody! Time to try another mid-monthly group break where all teams are available to pick on a first come first served basis and will reset for the next month so people will have a chance to pick their team(s) each month if they would like to. Please let me know what team(s) you would like for this mid-monthly group break by January 20th.

PayPal address: [email protected]

Price: $25/team, $10/draft spot for unclaimed teams
Payment Due: January 20th
Break Method: YouTube

Card Distribution

Cards will be distributed by one of the following methods, in this order:

1) Team printed (text or logo) on the card.
2) Team pictured on the uniform.
3) Team the player currently plays for.
4) Team the player played for longest.

Multi-team cards will go to the member who has the most teams on the card. If that can't determine it, it will go to the member with the team on the left, then top, of the card. For example, if the players are pictures left to right, the team featured on the furthest left of the card gets it. If the players are pictures top to bottom, the furthest top team gets it. If the players are situated on the corners, or some other way, the team with the left, top player will get it.

Cards from old teams that simply moved to a new town will be given to the owner of the team that they moved to. (ie. Montreal Expos = Washington Nationals)

All cards that cannot be determined from one of the above methods will be randomed off using


All "hits" will be placed in toploaders, magnetics, or screwdowns. All low numbered (/99 or less) inserts will also be placed in a toploader. Everything else goes in a team bag, sandwiched between top loaders or cardboard. All of that is sent in a bubble mailer, with delivery confirmation (where available).

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks - Drafted by Molitor04x
  2. Atlanta Braves - kpit1978
  3. Baltimore Orioles - Drafted by Mechjo16
  4. Boston Red Sox - dubby25
  5. Chicago Cubs - Drafted by kpit1978
  6. Chicago White Sox - Drafted by kpit1978
  7. Cincinnati Reds - Drafted by kpit1978
  8. Cleveland Indians/Guardians - LarryG
  9. Colorado Rockies - Drafted by dragonslayer913
  10. Detroit Tigers - Mechjo16
  11. Houston Astros - Brendan1987
  12. Kansas City Royals - Brendan1987
  13. Los Angeles Angels - Molitor04x
  14. Los Angeles Dodgers - grapler135s
  15. Miami Marlins - Drafted by Brendan1987
  16. Milwaukee Brewers - PAVI39
  17. Minnesota Twins - Drafted by PAVI39
  18. New York Mets - dragonslayer913
  19. New York Yankees - Criollos
  20. Oakland Athletics - Drafted by kpit1978
  21. Philadelphia Phillies - Drafted by Molitor04x
  22. Pittsburgh Pirates - PAVI39
  23. San Diego Padres - grapler135s
  24. San Francisco Giants - Drafted by kpit1978
  25. Seattle Mariners - LarryG
  26. St. Louis Cardinals - LarryG
  27. Tampa Bay Rays - Molitor04x
  28. Texas Rangers - Drafted by kpit1978
  29. Toronto Blue Jays - Drafted by Criollos
  30. Washington Nationals - Drafted by LarryG

Bold means confirmed.
Green means paid.

Draft Spots (for unclaimed teams if available)

1. Criollos
2. LarryG
3. kpit1978
4. Molitor04x
5. PAVI39
6. Mechjo16
7. Molitor04x
8. kpit1978
9. kpit1978
10. kpit1978
11. kpit1978
12. kpit1978
13. Brendan1987
14. dragonslayer913

Draft Team Order:


Box Options: (To be determined and voted on after we know how many people are in and we have our budget set)

We will be breaking 2022 and 2021 products with maybe an occasional oldie but goodie product thrown into one of the options to be voted on.

I’ll add 3 or 4 options to each of the categories below to be voted on to see what everyone would like to break. Option with the most votes will be the winner of the category and will be added to our list of boxes we will break.

High/Mid Level Box Options:

2022 Topps Five Star Hobby (2 Autos) 10 votes

2021 Topps Finest Hobby (2 Autos) 1 vote
2021 Topps Chrome Jumbo (5 Autos)

Mid Level Box Options:

2022 Topps Stadium Club Hobby (2 Autos) 8 votes

2022 Topps Allen and Ginter Hobby (3 Hits) 5 votes
2021 Topps Gypsy Queen Hobby (2 Autos)

Mid/Lower Level Box Options:

2022 Topps Series 1 Hobby (1 Auto OR 1 Relic) 2 votes
2022 Topps Series 2 Hobby (1 Auto OR 1 Relic) 4 votes
2021 Topps Update Jumbo (1 Auto AND 2 Relics) 7 votes

Lower Level Box Options:

2022 Topps Heritage High Number Hobby (1 Auto OR 1 Relic) 7 votes

2022 Panini Prizm Quick Pitch (1 Auto) 4 votes
2021 Panini Donruss Diamond Kings Hobby (1 Auto AND 1 Relic) 2 votes
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Okay let’s start with the first group of boxes to vote on. Please vote for your favorite one out of these options. Box with the most votes will be added to the list of what we will break for this month’s mid monthly break.

2022 Topps Five Star Hobby (2 Autos)

2021 Topps Finest Hobby (2 Autos)

2021 Topps Chrome Jumbo (5 Autos)