Break Complete! SCC/Bench Joint Baseball Group Break Club - December 2021


Were there multiple 1/1s? How does the bounty work here?
Yes there were 3 one of ones!!! And to further complicate the matter…the dual autograph printing plate was a 1/1 with autographs for two different teams and two different members! So there were a total of 3 one of one cards for 4 members. The $25 bounty will be split 3 ways but I’m going to add $$$ so the 4th member will also get a bounty payout. So I’ll send all 4 members $9.00 each for their share of the bounty. Hopefully that works (and makes sense hah).

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Not going to lie, I was hoping for one of those nice shiny NT cards but I know I was just being greedy at that point. Dave Stewart 1/1 auto and a "Big Daddy" auto in the same break? Yes please. Thanks Mike's for the break and the bounty funds. Might as well hold onto cash for the next break.


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I'm dropping both of my teams so the Phillies and the Pirates are both going to be available to lay a claim to for next month. The December thread on The Bench was deleted during the attack so I'm not sure when the clock will start. We'll leave that up to @grapler135s.