Break Complete! SCC Baseball Group Break Club - December 2023

Excited to watch this one! I know I’m not in it, but these were always my favorite breaks. The holiday season made me chose not to do it this month, but hopefully I will be back in them soon!

Better not hit a big Twins card, or I’m going to be mad at myself!

Good luck everyone!
Wow. Didn't get a chance to watch last night, I saw a few notifications pop up and I was hoping for something nice but I also knew it could have been because of the weekly football contest. It may be hard getting to sleep after that.
Incredible that is the 2nd Future Stars Julio auto Mike pulled in past 2 weeks. Looking at the Break Hits Hall of Fame thread though, the cards are not identical. One is numbered to 25 and one is numbered to 30. The one from last night, numbered to 25 is the Orange Refractor version. Maybe the basic form of the card's auto is numbered to 30?