Break Complete! 2022-23 Upper Deck Extended Series Hockey Hobby TWO Random Teams Style Group Box Break

I have to bump the random by a day. We’ll plan to do it on Tuesday time TBD.

Okay tracking has updated and this box should arrive on Thursday so let’s plan to do this break TOMORROW Thursday July 20th at 4pm PT.

See you then!
Caught the end of the break. Nice looking cards. Some of the parallels like Gadreau and Beneiers YG were 07-08 retros. The Matthews is one of the Collectors choice cards, that is part of a three piece puzzle (see image below). Thanks for breaking.

Other sets inspired by the past include 1997 Collector’s Choice Commemorative and 1999 History Class.

Not sure who HP is but I’m interested in the Beniers
Appreciate your interest but he plans on keeping it. The kid is having a good start to his collecting career. First Mechjo16 pulled him a case hit Julio Rodriguez and now in his second break Mike pulls him a Beniers Young Gun.