Break Complete! 2021-22 Panini Recon Basketball Team Auction Style Group Box Break


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Live link to the group box break:

This product releases on Friday so I wanted to see if anybody might be interested in trying a TEAM AUCTION STYLE group break for ONE HOBBY BOX of 2021-22 PANINI RECON BASKETBALL.

Box Configuration:

-10 packs per box
-6 cards per pack
- 2 Autographs per box
- 20 Insert or Parallel cards per box

Product Info:

Here is how this break will work. There are 30 teams and the auction price will start at $1 for each team. Members will have a chance to bid on their teams and the highest bidder will get that team and all cards from that team from the break. MINIMUM BID INCREASE IS $1. BIDDING ENDS AND TEAMS ARE SET IF/WHEN WE REACH THE BOX BREAK PRICE OF $275.

This product releases this Friday August 5th so let’s see if we can fill this and do this break right around release day!

After you sign up I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

Atlanta Hawks $12 dragonslayer913 PAID
Boston Celtics $10 OldNewRips PAID
Brooklyn Nets $6 RockysCardboard PAID
Charlotte Hornets $15 K.C._Royals! PAID
Chicago Bulls $10 DaSoxFan PAID
Cleveland Cavaliers $10 dad3309@ PAID
Dallas Mavericks $8 RockysCardboard PAID
Denver Nuggets $7 OldNewRips PAID
Detroit Pistons $20 AndyDrummond PAID
Golden State Warriors $10 katester44 PAID
Houston Rockets $14 RockysCardboard PAID
Indiana Pacers $5 PAVI39 PAID
Los Angeles Clippers $7 gwynn_fan PAID
Los Angeles Lakers $12 dad3309@ PAID
Memphis Grizzlies $8 K.C._Royals! PAID
Miami Heat $6 northicehero99 PAID
Milwaukee Bucks $7 PAVI39 PAID
Minnesota Timberwolves $12 jordanrulz PAID
New Orleans Pelicans $6 K.C._Royals! PAID
New York Knicks $6 K.C._Royals! PAID
Oklahoma City Thunder $10 AndyDrummond PAID
Orlando Magic $10 dragonslayer913 PAID
Philadelphia 76ers $10 katester44 PAID
Phoenix Suns $6 K.C._Royals! PAID
Portland Trail Blazers $7 Journeyman PAID
Sacramento Kings $6 K.C._Royals! PAID
San Antonio Spurs $6 grapler135s PAID
Toronto Raptors $17 dragonslayer913 PAID
Utah Jazz $6 northicehero99 PAID
Washington Wizards $6 K.C._Royals! PAID

Total Needed to Reach Box Break Price: $0

1/1 Bounty:

Low Serial Number Bounty:
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5.00 star(s)
Actually I just got a recommendation to switch this to a team auction style break so I’ll do that now if you would like to bid on the Lakers and Raptors feel free to do so thank so much!