Hockey Bouwmeester, Panthers still in talks


"Panthers general manager Jacques Martin said Wednesday that negotiations between the team and the agent for defenseman Jay Bouwmeester have continued despite Bouwmeester deciding to take the team to arbitration. No date has been set for Florida's meeting in front of an arbiter, with hearings scheduled between July 20 and Aug. 4 in Toronto. Bouwmeester took the Panthers to arbitration once before, getting a two-year contract out of it in 2006. Since Bouwmeester elected to go to arbitration, he cannot sign with another team; Martin said the Panthers aren't going to trade him."

Bouwmeester, Panthers still in talks - 07/10/2008 -
This is a good move by the Panthers getting closer and closer to locking up their guy. Jay Bouw has show he can play and be the key piece on a defense.