Bogut signs huge extension


Bench Warmer
Andrew Bogut signed a 5 year extension worth $72.5 million. Looks like he is planning on being a Buck for awhile. Contract is to be signed today after he arrives from Aussie Land.
that is a TON fo money for a 14/10 guy... man I know a TON of guys from the 80's and early 90's that are crying right now.... CRAZY money....!!!
I guess with their signing Richard Jefferson they are going for it in the East...but they are still behind in my eyes
They will be better then the Hawks when Josh Smith isn't on their team anymore. The Cavs are probably better, the Bulls are kinda up in the air still in my opinion.
Bogut? I wouldn't pay him that much.....

A possible future all star but largely unproven.
The Bucks must have seen something in their camp.