Blowout won't price The Cup till it Releases


retired hippie
I'm trying to find out how much case are gonna be so I called Blowout this afternoon since it wasn't priced on thier on-line service & was told they won't price it untill it releases possibly Thursday or Friday. I had heard rumors that it would be cheaper than last year but tins would only have 4 cards with 2 being auto's.

Anyone out there know how much it's gonna run? & if it's gonna be available this week?
It's not that he won't price it, it's because he can't. With the new rules from Upper Deck dealers aren't allowed to dump their supply cheap to businesses like blowout or even eBay. If they do, they could lose their account with Upper Deck.
I'm getting cases at $2100 which is the MSRP and will be available this week.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the reply & sounds like you guys had a great time at the UD thingy after reading Vegaspucks thread on TCC. Can't wait for your full review.

Can your guy get an additional case at that price? I assume these are the 6 box cases, yes?


I'm not sure. From what I hear, he had to pull strings with the distributor to get me these two cases. The distributors seem to be tight with the allocation of the Cup this year.