Football Casebreakers 2019 Phoenix Football 8 Box Case Group Break - COMPLETE


Chris, sorry I just noticed this today. I'm out with the Jets for 2019. I had posted it in the last break but probably fell through the cracks. Thanks!


Ok guys, I went ahead and took the remaining draft slot so we are at budget for the case. The draft order has been randomized and we may begin immediately. The hope is that we complete the draft by tomorrow night and if the case arrives we can break Tuesday night. If it doesn't, unfortunately we will have to wait until Sunday night as I am out of town Wed-Sun.

On the clock: Bills Mafia
On deck: Sportscloset12

Draft Order:
1. Bills Mafia - 49ers
2. Sportscloset12 - Seahawks
3. Rareluck - Rams
4. Yzerisdaman - Bills
5. Crpalmi - Vikings
6. Crpalmi - Panthers
7. Bills Mafia
8. Sportscloset12

Available Teams;
Atlanta Falcons -
Cincinnati Bengals -
Houston Texans -
Miami Dolphins -
New York Jets -
San Diego Chargers -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Tennessee Titans -
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