Baseball Hall of Fame Postcards FS


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I have the following HOF postcards for sale. Prices and condition are listed with them. Prices include shipping and may be negotiable. I accept payment through paypal, cash, or money order. I will discount if you buy multiple items. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

Joe McCarthy Autographed HOF Postcard w/ GAI COA $52- For what ever reason, my scanner wouldn't pick up ballpoint pen. The autograph looks really good and the postcard is in great condition. The beginning of "Joe" looks like the pen ran out of ink and Joe had to redo it. Still a nice signature at below eBay price.


Lou Boudreau Autographed HOF postcard $12- The autograph has bled a little but it still looks great. No COA but I guarantee it to be authentic.

Lefty Gomez Autographed HOF postcard $20- The autograph smeared a little bit around the 'y' but still is nice and bold. It came with the Joe McCarthy when I got it a few years back so I will guarantee it to be authentic.

Bill Terry Autographed HOF postcard $8- The postcard has a crease. The autograph is a tinny bit faded.

Yogi Berra Autographed HOF postcard $25- Comes with "Best Wishes" inscription. This came from a major dealer so I will also guarantee it to be 100% authentic. Perfect condition!


Charlie Gehringer Autographed HOF postcard $15- Flawless.

Warren Spahn Autographed HOF postcard $15- Flawless.

Robin Roberts Autographed HOF postcard $10- Faded autograph. Otherwise it is perfect.
If your referring to the McCarthy, then yeah I know. I don't know why it is like that. Never seen one like it before but it is certified.