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Looks like I am in the minority as a big baseball fan on here. That is okay, but I am willing to answer and discuss baseball issues to all interested. Spring training starts in 3 weeks and hopefully will be a big year for my Reds. They have made more transactions this year than normal, looks like they are going for it while they have Votto and Phillips under contract. Who is your team and what have they done to make this THEIR year?
My team is actually the Texas Rangers but, sadly, I only watch them in the post-season. For some reason baseball is just boring to watch on TV for me. We used to go watch them live when I was a kid, and that was always a big time, but I haven't been to a game in years.
My team is the Detroit Tigers, there is only one word needed to say why it is going to be their year this year...PRINCE!!!
You need to go back to a game. A minor league team moved to my town and that is probably more fun than the majors just because you can actually talk to the players. I get a lot of autos from people that have a good chance of making the big leagues and most of them are young and still excited to just be on the field.
As a Reds fan, I was happy to see Prince And Albert go the American league. The Tigers pitching is what is going to take them to the playoffs again this year. Verlander may be the best in the game!
Marlins fan here. Haven't been this excited about the team since '97 lol.

Then again the new stadium and actually spending money helps that. Can't wait to check out the new stadium, but I'll still never forgive them for not offering Uggla a few more million to keep him around!