Awesome Basketball mystery packs!!!


Bench Warmer
I've gotten some sweet cards but due to college coming up I'm a little in over my head. I'm trying to get rid of everything. SO... I made mystery packs!!! There will be one (sometimes 2) hits per pack. 6 stud packs 4 dud packs.
10 packs
Triple Jersey /199

For the record: Because I'm looking to get rid of everything I have included all of my base cards. Including the Kobe's, Lebron's, and a TON of recent star rookie cards. There will be close to 50 cards per pack. If all goes over well I'll be doing the same with my football cards (there's 10,000 of them... REALLY later on lol). These packs are a steal of a deal. I can accept payment through paypal or ttm. First come first serve. Please pick your number when you send. I'll be updating the thread every time one gets sold.
After I sell everything I will not be getting back into cards for at least three years :(. Gotta graduate and pay for everything!!! Help me out!!!
Any questions please message me.

Still available:
Packs 1-10


Bench Warmer
TTT all ten left!!! Almost 50 cards per pack. This is a fantastic deal!!!
Shop owners: Sell these to kids looking to get in to the market.
Collectors with kids: THIS IS THE ULTIMATE STARTING KIT!!!
Let's talk!!!