Hockey Avaholic's March Hockey Group Break - Box Groups & Break?!?!


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Welcome to the March 2020 Hockey Group Break topic. Host is Mark - Obert22 and the group break is $26.

Box Grouping - TBD via voting.

Break Date - TBD

Paypal Address:

Members and owned team (confirmed bolded, paid italicized):
1. Avaholicforever (Bill) paid - Colorado Avalanche - New Jersey Devils - Minnesota Wild
2. Obert22 (Mark) paid - Boston Bruins - Anaheim Ducks
3. bajmurray (Brian) paid - Montreal Canadians - St. Louis Blues
4. bajmurray (Brian) paid - Edmonton Oilers - Calgary Flames
5. northicehero99 (Brian) paid - Pittsburgh Penguins - L A Kings - Florida Panthers

6. geschrocks (Derrick) - Buffalo Sabres - Ottawa Senators
7. franklinguy52 (Troy) paid - Nashville Predators - Vegas Knights
8. franklinguy52 (Troy) paid - Vancouver Canucks - Columbus Blue Jackets

9. 19th Century Indy (Rob) - Washington Capitals - Carolina Hurricanes - Winnipeg Jets
10. 19th Century Indy (Rob) - New York Rangers - Tampa Bay Lightning

11. redwing40 (Paul) paid / zacho (Zach) - Detroit Red Wings - Dallas Stars
12. pavi39 (Tim) paid - Chicago Blackhawks - San Jose Sharks
13. sanders89 (Frank) paid - Philadelphia Flyers - Phoenix Coyotes

14. maple19 (Mike) mailing pmnt - Toronto Maple Leafs - New York Islanders

19th Century Indy (Rob) - Pittsburgh Penguins

Available teams:
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If anyone can contact the members who did not check in that would be great. I sent a pm on epack to Derrick, but not sure how to contact some others.

Also, it is about time to start getting in payments! Thanks.


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We still need a few more confirmations and lots of payments, please! If we want to buy and break in March we need to get this thing going. TY


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Worse case I'll take the last 3 spots in this break if Robert and Mike are out. I'll post this thread on FB.