As if you didn't know, Mark Richt = 100% class


Bench Warmer
I know this guy who is very close to Tyler Love, an Alabama commitment who chose us over Georiga and Florida last week. Love is a lifelong Alabama fan, but decided to look around a bit before commiting.

He had spent a good amount of time with Georiga's head coach Mark Richt and developed a good relationship with him. Before making his commitment public, Love called both Richt and Urban Meyer to let them know his decision. Richt was very supportive, saying that he was disappointed but he knows that Alabama is a good school with good coaches and wished him the best of luck.

Meyer on the otherhand was a complete and utter jackass. Meyer went on about how he was making a big mistake and that he'll be begging to come to Florida latter on :roll:

So, yeah, kind of pointless I guess, but maybe interesting on a boring late night for some of you;)