Are you a collector of College alumni cards? College Collector Group is for you!


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College Collecting Group FAQ:

So you get assigned a group, and send cards of players from that college to other members? Yeah, pretty can make requests of members you'd like to be paired up for the month and get paired up with one of them

How high-end is it? Not very, but some really nice cards have been sent. It is up to the sender on how high end they want to make it.

What's the rules? The main rules are send to the people you are paired up with by the end of the month with delivery confirmation. That's about it

1 card? 2? 10? As many as you want. Some people send team bags with a bunch of base and RCs, while others might just send a couple of cards

Minimum bv? max bv?
No min, no max

Autos? Alot of people try to send at least one auto or game used (sometimes it's more though). Keep in mind some of the members are younger and may not have the cards at hand to send or will be able to go out and buy something for the group, but it's an awesome way for them to get into collecting.

see above

Base rcs? Yeah, base RCs and inserts are sent....just about every card possible has been sent at one time or another to group members....even vintage now that Andy is in the group

Inserts? see above

Fill me in so i can maybe join later. Really, this is a great place to have your college collection grow as well as help others. A key thing to remember is that not everyone sends the same amout of GU/auto/higher end cards as others, but it should all even out.
Would like to possibly be added to this group. I am a UNC Tarheels collector. But I only really like the cards with the players featured in their College Uniform. Is that something that I can narrow it down with??? Or is it just take whatcha get kinda thing??
I have read your information.Your collection is in the right way.Alumni are invited to member of the collage collecting group initiation.This event is projected to be one of the easier involvement events for alumni this year.I am also in this event.I am a collage collector.But I only really like the cards with the players featured in their College Uniform.