anyone need 80 or 83 Topps football?



As I mentioned in the thread where I posted all the Hawks I pulled, my local shop has a box with quite a few 80 and 83 topps football cards for 10 cents a piece. The cards are in great shape, they look fresh out of the pack. The centering on the 80 cards is hit and miss, but the 83 cards look fantastic.

Anyway, if anybody has any pro or college teams needs for those years, let me know and I'd be happy to snag them for you.

I did find a couple of other boxes of older cards that I haven't been through yet (late 70s and early 80s), but those cards didn't look like they were in nearly as good of shape. But I'll probably dig through them anyway, so if you have a desire for those too, lemme know.
If you happen to run into any of these, that would be cool:D

1980 Topps:
Charley Hannah
Ken Stabler
Woodrow Lowe
Ozzie Newsome
John Hannah
Richard Todd

Bob Baumhower
Don McNeal
John Hannah
Marty Lyons
Richard Todd

If you see any other former Alabama players in the other boxes, I'd appreciate you snagging those for me as well.

Thanks alot for looking :cheers: