Anyone else sad that NFL Europe is gone now?


Bench Warmer
I'm going to miss it. It sure beat the hell out of baseball on a Saturday afternoon. Plus, they would show replays of games throughout the week. It's going to be different without it next year. Hopefully some other crap football league comes along to take its place!
I liked it as it gave some of those on the cusp of making a team a chance to perform

That might have been the case 5-6 years ago, but the last couple years anyone who went to Europe basically had no shot at making the team because they missed all the offseason prep. I understand why they did it, but I still hate to see it go. It'll be interesting to see if they try to implement a fall minor league to take its place, where the guys can go through training camp with their reguarl teams, and then get sent down during the season for live game action.
I loved it cause i got to watch my boy Chang play last year haha :D
but yeah, i guess its cool. Dang...i wish i got some CFL games here. Could watch his team play (and maybe him :D) haha.
I'll miss it, if for no other reason than I had some NFL-esque stuff to watch during the NFL-downtime!!! :lollol:

As for a "developmental league".. there are already quite a few minor leagues around (ie. Chris's King County Jags, and no I'm not forgetting you Lisa ;) ), so there is already a structure there. They could have something to build on there............? I dunno.

Arena League? It's a different game. Yes, they have some similar rules, but it's a different game.

Personally, I don't think that a league on the level of NFLE would have any more sucess here in the US than it did in Europe. I kinda hoped that the interest of the NFL game in England, and the increased attendance this past few years would have kept NFLE going, but oh well.

I feel great about it, personally. I'd rather watch NFL Total Access another 5 times than Cody Pickett attempt to hit a random, wide open WR in the leg.
Not really - I hope that they consider a minor league's NFL in the U.S., either during the offseason or mid-week during football season.