anyone collect 1993 Stadium Club?


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I'm about to buy a 1993 Stadium Club card that's auto'd. I'm CONVINCED it's either fake or signed TTM; but the seller says it came in a pack. any way this is possible? I saw a few other on eBAY - but they either came with a COA or were TTM -
Football?........Baseball?........check the OPG on Beckett if it decides to come up, you'll be able to see if there is a Stadium Club auto set.
its either in person or a fake .Definate In Person the team cards were never signed . there is a slim chance its from Tristar but they came in a little book with a COA don't remember there being a Thomas
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My brother pulled a Chipper Jones auto out of Topps Team Stadium club back around '93. I can find a reg. non auto'd card out of that set if you need a scan. This would have been out of some sort of retail/blaster/hard cellophane pack.
OKAY - here's what I bought:

final details:

"Treat Entertainment (now Anderson Press) was the vendor-manager of the collector card category for Wal-Mart in 1995. Treat Chairman was Harold Anderson."

And there you go - these were sold at WAL-MART