ANNUAL 2017 BLACK FRIDAY Hobby FB Group Break

UPDATE: After double checking, I had a payment from Kyle and didn't know who it was. We are all paid up. I can break the evening after the draft is finished, unless it is Saturday as I graduate with my BA that day and am currently writing my 10 page final. I will update more tomorrow. If we are over budget I will add a box or with whatever funds we have left over.
I will take:

Baltimore Ravens
Los Angeles Chargers
New York Jets

With that, I will take the Buccs and that means Franklinguy52 gets the Cardinals. I can not break tonight. Break will be 5PM (PST) Thursday dec 14. See you all then.

Budget wise we missed the mark by $20, however I still will pick up another box to add. It all depends on what my local card shop has. Will update tomorrow.
FINAL UPDATE: I have a work banquet tomorrow 6-8pm, break will be at 1:30PM (PST). I will record the boxes and will also post a recap video and will try to figure out how to put scans up. I will do my very best on getting the packages out by Saturday.
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Good luck all! I'm calling a Mariota Auto but hopefully much goodness to be spread around today. Thanks for taking the break on Jonathan!
I was logged in but didn't/couldn't get anything. Thanks for the effort Jonathan, just don't slip me a Jeff Rowe auto :p
I'll catch the recap. Good luck Guys (y) (y)