ANNUAL 2017 BLACK FRIDAY Hobby FB Group Break

Just updating everyone. I received the Gridiron Gear 8 Box case and last 2 boxes yesterday. Need to see if we can fill another team or two. If we are over budget I can run to my local card shop. I will punch numbers soon. Payment deadline 12/12 by 11:59PM (PST). The faster we pay the sooner we can start the draft and break.
There is still 3 payments left. I normally would never start a draft before everyone pays, but we have 10 draft picks to get through. So if everyone is okay, I will post a random now of the order HOWEVER, we will not break until all payments are in.

I will be taking the Browns and Giants to get us to 22 teams total this month.
Here is the random

  1. Bob- Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Sportscloset12- Buffalo Bills
  3. Kengraff- Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Crpalmi (Free)- Tennessee Titans
  5. Gottabe- Washington Redskins
  6. Bob- Baltimore Ravens
  7. Bob- Los Angeles Chargers
  8. Bob- New York Jets
  9. Sportscloset12- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  10. Franklinguy52- Arizona Cardinals
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