ANNUAL 2017 BLACK FRIDAY Hobby FB Group Break

Just updating everyone. I received the Gridiron Gear 8 Box case and last 2 boxes yesterday. Need to see if we can fill another team or two. If we are over budget I can run to my local card shop. I will punch numbers soon. Payment deadline 12/12 by 11:59PM (PST). The faster we pay the sooner we can start the draft and break.


When the draft comes around, just start from the bottom of the available teams and assign me the last one.
There is still 3 payments left. I normally would never start a draft before everyone pays, but we have 10 draft picks to get through. So if everyone is okay, I will post a random now of the order HOWEVER, we will not break until all payments are in.

I will be taking the Browns and Giants to get us to 22 teams total this month.
Here is the random

  1. Bob- Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Sportscloset12- Buffalo Bills
  3. Kengraff- Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Crpalmi (Free)- Tennessee Titans
  5. Gottabe- Washington Redskins
  6. Bob- Baltimore Ravens
  7. Bob- Los Angeles Chargers
  8. Bob- New York Jets
  9. Sportscloset12- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  10. Franklinguy52- Arizona Cardinals
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