All Kinds Of Mail !!!!!!!!!!

Whats up everybody. I had a huge pile of bubble mailers in the mailbox today plus a couple from saturday. I picked up a lot more stuff of the new Bengals Draft Picks. On the Kenny Irons Jersey 1/50 theres a crease by the jersey Im a lil mad bout it:mad:, but what can you do. I might try and contact the seller, but I don't even think its worth wasting my time with considering I got it pretty cheap. Than I also picked up a Chad Johnson SPX Autograph Jersey Rookie card for a good deal I thought as well. The one corners a lil bit boogered but it was a good pick up for 30.00. Well enough talk here are some scans.

Thanks For Looking:salut::cool:
Thanks everyone :cool:

very nice mailday! By any chance did you check out the show this weekend?

I surprisingly had a chance to stop quickly on saturday. I thought it was a lil bit week. There wasn't much there as far as singles were concerned. There was two guys selling wax. They had decent prices and the new stuff. Thats where I got the Topps DP&P box for 54.00