A good Hobby Box

Luke Anderson

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I just sold a card on ebay and looking to cash in on that little victory and buy another box. As alot of you know I collect russel Wilson even though I only have 3 of them lol. I want to buy a hobby box but dont know what one to purchase. I have 100.00 to spend on this transaction. please help guide me to a good purchase choice.

Thanks in advance
If it were me, assuming I was going after a 2012 rookie, I'd probably try to save up a few more bucks and go for a box of '12 Absolute. I've always been a fan of Absolute, though, so I'm biased there. If you don't want to, or can't, do that I'd probably just take that $100 and spend it on some cards for your PC. You should be able to get a Russell Wilson auto, and maybe even a GU, too, for that $100.
I like panini contenders but was looking at the panini certified what say u about those?

I have never been a fan of contenders, just never have liked the look of the cards, but I do like certified. But, I would have to agree with Mike and would save a little more and go with a product that has more guarenteed hits.
I agree with what Troy said. Contenders has never been on my list of products I'd open personally, but Certified definitely is. If it's within your budget, I'd say it could be a good box to bust.
Elite is one of the best 2012 products in my opinion. Absolute is great bang for your buck and it always looks great. Prime is also really good..

Contenders is very hit and miss, hope hit when I get some packs next month lol. Certified, imo USED to be awesome, but the past 2 years have been very average.
2012 prestige. Several inserts autos and jerseys of his along with sp variations. About $100 or so a box around here. And it's a good product I though. Also I have about 16 russel Wilson cards one rookie jersey. Topps chrome and I pulled one today lol. 2013 score future franchise fabrics :). Just saying. I'm always up for a trade.
ty jmatt I also sent u a message about your russel wilsons. I also noticed you had Montee Ball and a few new Viking rookies. Message me back when you get a chance.