Hockey 270 Gretzky Rookies Walked In the Front Door

Who has all those cards????
I wonder how much of each grade he got.....

As for Beckett....maybe if they took a picture before they graded them or even with the covering on (which I think would have been better)
Here is the response from a Beckett employee on the Gretzky debacle! They screwed this whole ordeal up big time! :rolleyes:

In the last 48 hours there has been a lot of discussion both positive and negative about a recent post on the Beckett Blog concerning a Gretzky rookie card order that was submitted to Beckett Grading.

We wanted to highlight some cool cards in a non-traditional manner and honestly it backfired. The feedback and comments we received from the posters on the blog were about 25% "cool" and 75% "You guys are idiots."

At that point we should have said "Hey, we made a mistake and be done with it." We didn't, and the conversation moved from the blog to the message boards.

Once it got on the message boards the tone of the discussion took a much more hostile turn. We encourage an open and civil debate, but Beckett will never allow posters to use inflammatory language on the boards either for personal attacks or attacks on our company.

At this point we had two options: 1) post a very detailed response or 2) post a general response. Our feeling was, based on past history if we posted a very detailed response it would get picked apart and over analyzed. We opted for the second response and that was apparently insufficient.

Following my general post more comments we made on the Beckett message boards and the moderators suspended a number of posters and pulled down some threads. It is my understanding that those people were asked to refrain from discussing this topic to let cooler heads prevail and they continued to post. Those posters will be reinstated.

No one likes their dirty laundry aired out in public but we provide a variety of public areas for our customer and non-customer to post comments about our products and services. We try to keep it clean but this is fluid operation.

We made a mistake posting a picture of some cool Gretzky cards. We made a mistake by not addressing the situation sooner.

Finally, the level of care and concern Beckett Grading Services has and will continue to maintain with regards to orders that are under our control will remain of the highest standard in the industry. This is evidenced by the tens of thousands of customers who continue to grade with us month after month, the six consecutive years winning Card Trade Magazine's Best Grading Company award, and the strong prices realized on BGS cards in auctions, online stores, and card shops.

I hope that this response is adequate if not please e-mail me directly at I will respond to every e-mail.

Elon Werner
Beckett PR
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BECKETT..... I havent purchased a Beckett in about 10+ years....and wont....they are LIARS, CHEATS and FOOLS....

yes that is MY opinion ;)

I wouldn't give "THEM" a cent of my "hard earned" money