24 hr trade Chad Johnson Jumbo Nameplate Patch


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Hey Guys this is a GUARANTEED trade. BV is 80 this card is a beauty. Looking for 1 or 2 cards, obvisouly the less cards the better. Looking for Multi color Patch or autos, patch autos in return.

Need 4 SOLID offers, no lowballing or i will ignore it. Bush, Lynch or other Stars will put you further ahead. Good Luck and Have Fun

Check out this Patch it is awesome :) :d

on two sites


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who do u collect? i dont have lynch but is there n e one else specific i have tons of cards. i also like u mortana jumbo patch in pc


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lmk when you make your decision i now have everyone and there brother asking about those 2 cards and have told about 12 people that those 2 are pending