⚾️ 2023 MLB Season Games Attended by SCC Members


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Okay this was fun to keep track of last year so I wanted to post up the 2023 version of it.

Opening Day for the 2023 MLB season is right around the corner! We did this last year and I believe we were able to hit 7 of the 30 stadiums! This thread will document what MLB games SCC members attend in person for the 2023 MLB season. Please feel free to share if/when you attend a game this season by replying to this thread with what game it was, any notable highlights (i.e. no hitter, career milestone, walk off win, etc.), and also feel free to post up a picture to share if you would like.

I’ll keep a running list here of what games we have attended. Looking forward to seeing how many of the different stadiums we can cover, and who goes to the most games!

Excited for baseball season and to see what games people are going to across the country! Anybody going to Opening Day?

Game #1 ???


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i am going to a couple of games this year myself and can't wait ..

if anyone else goes to games i am thinking about trying to make a SHOT GLASS set from all the major league teams so if you snag one and want to trade it or sell it lmk

i have 1 for the atlanta braves already


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Catch up from a few days. Guardians White Sox in Goodyear, Cubs -Sox at Camelback Ranch and USA vs Columbia at Chase Field


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