2015 National Sports Collectors Convention


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The show started today. How many of you are there, or plan on being there this year?

Pictures are wanted! Let the rest of us at least see what we're missing! Also, pics/scans of the cards you pick up there would be cool too.

I, unfortunately, will miss this show again. Simply too far for me to travel. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it comes back south sometime, but after emailing the NSCC today, I know that it won't be in Dallas again for at least the next several years.

Also, if any of you see any Cole Beasley cards (especially numbered ones), that you can grab, hit me up for a trade on them.


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its what, 70 miles away and im not going...
job interview tomorrow
work Friday - Saturday 9-5
work Sunday - Monday 8-4
work Tuesday 4-mid

I mean I could probably hit it up tomorrow, but id get up there at like 2, drop $40 to get in the door, between parking and entry...its a blast to go through peoples junk boxes when you know stuff like I do...so yeah, buy cards for $0.25 and sell them on eBay for $5...not a ton of them out and about, but there are some cool things...if I knew blowout was running some stupid crazy low low price on 2014 Olympics id go blow all my blowout cash ($900+) on those....


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Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, its right off 294 North maybe 5 miles east of Ohare?

pretty much all the big folks are there, Blowout, Dave and Adams, Atlanta, Burbank, Topps, UD, Panini, PSA, Beckett, COMC...and there are some interesting folks...a few years back I was talking to a guy that had a "Moon Shots" set, which was a set done by Triple Threads baseball I guess, where it was all autographs of the astronauts that went to the moon...id never seen them before, I told him I wasn't interested in buying them, but I thought they were cool...

back in 07 in Cleveland I had my 6 inch blue spiked Mohawk, Donruss had celebrity impersonators walking around for the 07 Americana set, and the Lucille Ball was trying to put a football in my spikes, so I bent down so she could and a Donruss rep came over and gave me a box of 07 Select, like a $50 box at the time...ill have to find some pics from back then...Virgil some wrestler guy was pointing at me I guess, and I don't watch wrestling, so I didn't know who it was, but the guys I was with did, so I went up to him and got a picture...

its not just sports stuff, there is tv memorabilia, vintage stuff, like 3 Stooges cards, old lunchboxes...if you haven't been, its a good time, even if you don't buy 'high end' stuff...if I do go, ill probably make a tour of the area looking at the displays, then ill go to the cheap hit boxes and such...


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that's an idea of what the hawk was like...

Stacy Kebbler or whatever, WWE lady, doing free signing at Donruss Booth, picture doesn't do her justice, she was SMOKING hot

the Virgil guy

a different angle on the hawk

and another angle...

I sported the Mohawk like that for 18 months or so, but it was only blue for the National


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