2013 Topps (WAL MART)


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So I wanted to share this because I KIND OF liked what went down on box one. But I did buy two. I bought two ($14) mini boxes of your basic 2013 topps. I open the first and you are guaranteed a Rookie jumbo jersey. So why not ya know. My first rookie jersey was terrance Williams. Cool, Im a cowboy fan at heart. Had a cool 57, 59, or 60something style ej manuel. had a couple future legends inserts (russel Wilson, Victor Cruz and somebody else). 1000 yard club Jason witten, Adrian Peterson. 4000 yard club, Andrew luck x2,aaron Rodgers, matthew stafford infection. The notable rookie base cards were aaron Dobson, matt barkley, landry jones, ryan nassib, Robert woods and bam STEDMAN. PC. The second box on the other hand is where my issue came in. So I got some more future legends inserts. and some past legend inserts. Deion Sanders (falcons) Terrell Davis and Andre Rison. I think. Had the same old style rookie inserts but I pulled a montee ball, giovani Bernard. Camo border lance moore. and some rookie base Cpatt, Montee base, leveon bell another aaron Dobson. Looking forward to my rookie jumbo I pull a redemption. Now this is a guaranteed rookie jumbo box and I get a redemption? Jermaine Gresham? Really Topps? I didn't buy this box for a Jermaine Greshman Redemption. I bought it for the rookie jumbos. Fairly cheap but I thought what the heck. I just spent a TON on my son for his Bday so it was only fair I get something.....Totally disappointed. Topps has let me down quite a bit this week. Other than the denard, I pulled same player on both hits out of one box of finest (kniles Davis) Yayyy. But the other hit was a gavin escobar, and it was damaged. This is why I usually stick with platinum and chrome with topps. On the brighter side I did get a NFLPA Rookie Premier card with all rookies pictured. Only reason I think its cool is because I pulled that last year. Along with the eric legrand rookie. Had better luck last year. Probably because I LITERALLY pulled 15 Andrew Luck cards. and no Jermaine Gresham redemption. Sorry if you read all this. I needed it off my mind END RANT
I would say you could contact Topps and let them know you want the card that was advertised, and not the Gresham. I've heard their customer support stinks, though. I've never dealt with them, personally, so I can't tell you anything from personal experience. That's just something I "heard". Take it with a grain of salt. I'd at least try to contact them if it were me. Maybe just don't expect too much.
I've been trying actually for two days. About finest. I pulled a Gavin Escobar jersey auto that's damaged. And the other box, both hits were kniles Davis? I mean why would I buy a box for $110 and want the same players auto twice? I would if it were tavon Austin. But it wasn't It was a chief. Lol. And not sandcastle. I'm going to keep trying. The longer it takes the longer the list of stuff that's wrong is backing up