2013 topps chrome football


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I can't show but I can tell. My luck for hobby boxes hasnt been great as of late but I believe it's picked up. I bought one box of 2013 chrome. I pulled a pink auto /75. Miguel maysonet for the eagles ???lol alright. Pulled two photo variations a Randall Cobb and a Keenan Allen. Then I hit metal. A magneta printing plate 1/1 of anquan boldin. One of my favorite wr's in the nfl. I pulled several pc cards including a tavon Austin refractor and base. A stedman bailey 86 reprint. Ej Manuel 86 version, mini and 69 style. Overall a great box. If this is in the wrong forum let me know. I couldn't find where to put it. I will post pics as soon as I take em. Had to brag a little. Pulled my first plate. Sure I've owned a couple (tavon and geno smith, still do). But never pulled one. thought about selling the boldin. Maybe. Anyone have an idea what I could get for it? If its less than $50 I'll keep it.

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Congrats on a great box, I have pulled 1 plate myself and it is always cool to see the metal when you open a pack! Not sure what I would go for but I doubt it would go over $50 on eBay, I sold an Arian Foster plate and it only pulled $20.
Congrats on the nice pulls, not counting box breaks I am pretty sure I have only pulled one printing plate