Football 2008 UD Draft Case Break....Not Live


Bench Warmer
Busted a case of 2008 UD Draft last night and scanned everything but the Red Foils and Regular Inserts. I really haven't sorted out the base set yet, but it definitely looks like there are a few shortprints in the set. I may only get one set, possibly two. It definitely is a really fun break with what appeared to be one insert & parallel or auto per pack, two veterans and six rookies. Looks like one dual or triple auto per case (tho I can't be sure when it came up missing 2 autos and 2 #d). All in all I'd have to give it a B+, just cause it was missing the 4 hits.
I love casebreaks!......Here's just a few of the hits. If you want to see all the rest of the scans go here: 2008 UD Draft Casebreak Scans
EDIT: Still trying to sort things out and decide what to do with what.





If you decide to sell or trade some of the cards up to 100 I would be willing to work something out.I need a few cards to complete a set and I am not doing the set number 101 to 250 so I would have some of those to trade plus I would have a few up to 100.PLMK.Thanks.
Looks like it was a fun break.....couldn't afford a case so I opened a few packs last thursday and pulled a Jonathan Stewart auto /25 and quit while I was ahead:D .....then on the weekend I woke up with an itch for more and bought 2 boxes......pulled a Matt Ryan auto /75 that I was able to move for the Leinart/Smith dual auto /10 in my sig:cool: