2006 Triple Threads



Well, couldn't hold out any longer and bought a box. Hope I didn't get jacked (someone tell me how much they could get a box for).

Here's what I got (scans later when scanner is reconnected).

All base #/1199
Brian Westbrook
Brad Johnson
Emmitt Smith
Joey Galloway
Todd Heap
Santana Moss

Sepias #/499
Jim Thorpe
John Elway (at least I got something I can use :D) (the main box and 2 mini boxes had Elway content too so I'll keep those - do they all have the same boxes?)

Emerald #/199
Larry Fitzgerald

Gold #/99
DeShaun Foster

And the "good" stuff...

Bruce Gradkowski RC Emerald #/50
Vick/Crumpler/White ATL Gold #/9
(jerseys: Vick = white, Crumpler = white with red stain, White = red) (I wonder if the red jersey bled over to the Crumpler to make the red stain?)

Any guesses on book value for this box?
Any guesses for sale value for this box (minus Elway)? :)
to me, that looks like a really bad box. Nothing jumps out as special. Sorry about your break but at least you got an Elway!!!

Couldn't agree more. Was hoping someone agreed with me. After a first box break like this what do you think the odds are of me doing another?