2004 Flair SIGnificant Cuts



While going through stacks I found a 2004 Flair SIGnificant Cuts Auto Redemption card. It says there is no expiration date.

Has anyone ever sent in a redemption for Flair? I've never sent a redemption to any company but after reading all the UD nightmares I was wondering if its the same for Flair.

Is there any way to contact them before sending this in to make sure I will get an Elway and not a replacement? It does say to give them 4 weeks before calling for status but there is no phone # to call.

Anybody know that the production run and book value of the Elway is?

I don't have the signed card so would love to send this in but I'd also love to keep the redemption card. How many can there be? I'm sure they were all sent in.
your S.O.L. since Fleer shut down in 04 all the redemption cards are null and void until 06 when ud took over the name .
Well, I guess my decision is made then. I'll just hunt down a redeemed card and I'll be done.