2 Card Mail (Hill, Henry)


Bench Warmer

Pretty basic stuff in today, got the Elite Gold auto while Henry's stuff is starting to cool off a bit (probably something to do with Chris Brown being signed). In addition, another random Jason Hill card, lol. But like usual, this stuff hits the PC boxes. Details below:

-Chris Henry 07 Elite TOTC Gold Auto /24
-Jason Hill 07 Topps DPP Class Marks Auto

Thanks for stopping in. :D
Nice, I have a feeling Henry is going to be this year's Mike Bell....same school and everything

Wish I had a similar feeling, I'm pretty skeptical about how well he'll play right away at the NFL level. However, I haven't watched him play behind a legitimately good offensive line, so its hard to tell. But as a blindly loyal alum, I still stick with the college uniform cards regardless, lol.

Thanks everyone for the comments.