2 box break Finest & Gridiron Gear


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Should have bought weed instead.
I got a bunch of RC in Finest and forgot what my RCs were in GG. If there's anything you like, holla!

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Could use any and all browns... I do have JLH Chrome auto still. I also have an andrew walter /32 artist proof from score?

Love the quinn and thomas :)


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Well at least breaston and paul W are playing... is kolby smith playing? You could have gotten ppl that don't even see the grass of the field.


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If Brett doesn't show interest in Sabby, you know who else will (an OSU fan, not a fan of the "state", if you can call it that, of Oregon).

Shhhh pulls though. Tomlinson patch is pretty, but can't get a quarter oz......:doh: